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20 out of 24 gamers thought this was helpful

Cranium is a game that combinds multiple elements of arts, facts, theatre and literature into a fast paced easy to pick up board game for many, and because of the variety of catagories there will be something for everyone.

Great for the whole Family or large group, young ones are able to play this game in a group of adults because even if they can’t do the trivia questions there is an equal amount of sculpting, drawling, and charades that they can handle in the Creative Cat or Star Performer.

However, if your group is a shy then this isn’t the game for you. It requires making fun of yourself, being loud and fast to yell out answers on time.

I only game this game a four on replay ablity bacuase unless you buy on expantion you will quickly leran the answers to trivia question cards. But there are a good amount of included cards to keep you going for at least 4-5 games.

Fun for all ages
Good Variaty of activities
Super funny
Lots of diffrent activites(something for everyone)

Must have a large group
Must be an outgoing group
Requires a good bit of space
Time consuming

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Say Anything

22 out of 30 gamers thought this was helpful

This makes a wonderful party game that gets funnier with fewer inhibitions (i.e. more drinks!). This game would easily suit large groups and requires very little explanation. It’s one of those games that is easier to just start playing than to explain. Score keeping is very simple and user friendly. Easy to add new players by just starting a new game, no real need to play to the 10 points required. Overall I’d say this a fun go-to game for non-gamers when everyone is tired of apples-to-apples.
Can be very funny and conversations started.
Works well in large groups.
Even if your answers are not the best you can still win by voting correctly.
If you or your group is unimaginative it can get repetitive and boring very quickly.
The “recommended age limit’ depends on who is playing!
Repetitive game play.
Seems like the markers will run out quickly.

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50 out of 62 gamers thought this was helpful

Super simple instructions, basically read the cards and pay attention. The games I experienced rarely made it past three rounds and were most likely to finish in round 1 or 2. We played with three people, and it seemed that 3-5 would be the right number, more would be overwhelming and most games would end before you get to play a card.

I would recommend this if you only have a few moments and need to get that card game fix, but this is not a game meant for extended play as it gets extremely repetitive and requires less strategy and more luck of the draw. This is a great game for young ADD gamers just getting into card games, reinforces that it is very important to read the cards.

Upside: Quick play and Active.

Downside: Repetitive, Over too fast.

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