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Zombie Survival: The Board Game

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The mysterious event that has animated the dead has also given them an unhealthy hunger for your brains! The only way to survive is to fortify your house and make your stand. How long can you survive?

In Zombie Survival, you choose your provisions to survive a zombie apocalypse. Each player selects items to place in their house, including weapons, lumber, gas, first aid, etc.

The second part of the game brings your fears to light as the zombies start heading towards your house, tearing down your barricades and creeping in. You may have a chance to make it to town for some additional supplies, hopefully avoiding the zombies there, leaving your family to defend against the walking dead. Did you prepare for the possible power outage, contaminated water, sickness and fatigue? How long can you feed your family and keep them healthy?

The best prepared will win.

Zombie Survival: The board game in play
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“Be prepared to write your own rulebook...”

From the first look at Zombie Survival, I thought this would be a fun game to play. The outlook from playing this game, it is no where near as fun. The reason being the rule book, and nothing but the rule book. You have better clarification predicting weather for the next month than getting your head around the rules that Twilight Creations supply with this game.

Setting the game up is easy as it gets. Everyone gets a house and yard tiles, putting everything else in their respective places. The great part about setting up is the mass choice of items that you can put into your house.
All players take it in turn to fill up their houses by picking items that they think they will need in order to survive. It’s not as simple as it sounds though, as some items will need other items in order to use them (A torch/flash light will need batteries etc.). If you have more people in your house, you’ll need more food and water, thus more weapons (if you want) and items to be able to supply your people. It’s a great mechanic and is one I thoroughly enjoy about the game. You can finish filling up the house being satisfied with your picks or wondering whether you’ve made the wrong choice on one or two things.

From then on, the game begins and the problems start. The first player rolls the dice and which ever number it lands on, zombies enter all yard tiles on that number, on EVERY player’s yard. So everyone will get four zombies at once on their yard tiles.
Then the first player turns over the next event card which applies to all players. This will screw you over in some shape or form depending on what comes out.

The turn order goes through with players able to build barricades, combating zombies and sending people in to town to pick up supplies, if they wish.

The problems with the game starts with the event card. Other than screwing you over, some have writing on the bottom of the cards such as ‘food, batteries, water’, which all have a number next to it. The rules don’t properly indicate what needs to be done. It tells you briefly the details of the rule but it left me and the other players wondering whether it means one thing or another.

The next and most problematic part of the game is combating zombies. Selling you a game with the main aim being combat and not state the majority of the rules about combat perplexes me to no end.
The best part about combating zombies is the picture of the zombie on the underside of the box lid. This is where you throw dice to see whether you hit the zombie or not. It is one of the best mechanics I’ve seen in a game of this type as you are trying to aim to kill with the dice instead of just the luck of the dice roll, though the luck of the roll does occur if you don’t get an immediate kill. However, this is about as good as it gets.

At the start of the game, after all items have been picked, they are put into the grid of the house. When you fill it up, that’s when it’s at maximum capacity. This also includes the amount of people you’ve chose to have in your house. When you get round to killing zombies, there is no player movement. You essentially pick a person and weapon, pick a zombie and roll the appropriate amount of dice. There is no movement spaces, and the rules dictate that if you are more that one space away from it, you get -1 die. With no movement in the house, a player’s person might be in the centre of the house to combat a zombie. But does the person move to the window or go outside to kill the zombie? The rulebook has slight inklings of this, but it left my head hurting and wondering what the heck I do. There is also problems with barricaded doors and windows and the problems that comes with that for combat.

I could go on about the lack of rules but all in all, looking at the game from the set up looks great. There should be a great deal of fun about it, however, I would say only 30% of the rules are explained in the rule book, and not a great deal of that percentage is for when you are in combat. There is a lot of grumblings about this game and its rulebook. So if you were to purchase this or play the game, be prepared to make your own rules a lot of the time. It essentially stops the flow of the game play whilst you make house rules and because they’re so many, it can be very frustrating from the outset.

I have taken it upon myself to rewrite the rule book for this game so I can get it back out on board game nights instead of collecting dust in the cupboard.

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“Could have been a contender”

I love zombies, so when i won this game at a convention i was excited. When i saw the pieces and started to pop out the pieces included with the game, my excitement was off the charts! However, once i started to read the rule book that all went out the window, and in came frustration. The instructions for this game are atrocious, like the worst i’ve ever seen in a game. The first game i played two of my friends got into an argument over one of the rules which is not addressed well and were legitimately angry. The second time i played me and my girlfriend got into a fight, about something in the game which we interpreted differently. The terrible thing about the rule book is that it bogs down an ambitious game that is not bad. The game breaks down into 2 parts, preparing for the zombie apocalypse and then trying to outlast your neighbors. No one wins, but someone survives longer and “Wins”. When preparing for the apocalypse the players pick from items they must be able to fit into their house items range from weapons, flashlights, food, survivors, cars, generators and more. Everything you get has pros and cons, more survivors means more actions per turn, but it also means more food and water consumed every turn. A car is great for going into town to get more supplies, however going into town leaves your home much more vulnerable to zombie attacks. Instead of a standard board, everyone gets their own board which has a house and yards on all sides. Once your house is full the zombie outbreak occurs. At the beginning of every turn a card is drawn by the dealer some are good *Another survivor arrives with food* and most are bad *Your house is on fire*. During players turns they use their actions to do a number of things which are barricading their house, killing zombies, going into town, and placing zombies on other peoples yards. The last player alive wins. Overall, i really wanted to like this game and i do, to a degree. However, if i paid for this game my opinion would probably be different. So the goods of the game, it looks cool, the pieces, zombie minis, and idea are good. The bads: The instruction booklet, to hard, LONG set up time, not enough event cards, a couple misprints on the game board and cheat sheets *Doesnt impact game play*, needs more items * Especially silenced weapons and short range weapons*. In conclusion, don’t buy this game unless its dirt cheap and/or your an avid collector, but don’t be afraid to give it a try.

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“Hmmmm... Crappy Rule Book Survival”

So the zombie plague has infiltrated suburbia! Now we’re holed up in our suburban houses and need to hunker down and hold off the encroaching zombie hordes. Gather supplies and arms and gas up yer mini van if you can to fetch supplies in town! What could be a cooler scenario?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Twilight Creations. I love the Zombies!!!, Humans!!! and Martians!!! series of games and own all of them including the expansions. When purchasing any of these titles you know what you’re getting but Zombie Survival was a huge let down for me in the production area. Not the best looking components and the tiny zombies… well just nitpicking I suppose. That aside, the rule book has to be about the worst I’ve seen. Maybe I just don’t get it. Crazy long set-up time and poor rules equal a really tough time. I wanted to love this game but hated almost every minute of it. I will give it another go though and if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

This game was a very hard sell to my game group after the first set-up and the first play through left us referring to the rule book way too many times. I’m all about supporting a company like Twilight Creations because they were my “gateway” company with the game Zombies!!! but in this day and age with the internet…and this goes to ALL GAME PUBLISHERS… PLEASE make use of the internet and publish a Video Walk-through of the rules and game play! No brainer in my opinion. I might love this game if that option was available.


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