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62 out of 70 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a fun and fast game that all types should enjoy. It is like a combination of the old “telephone game” and pictionary.
The after dark version is great for adults but my friends don’t really need the extra push in that direction.
In a nutshell you draw a picture and pass your book and the next person writes what they see and passes it and the next person draws what they have written. The whole time you are getting other people’s passed to you so there is little down time.
A couple tips:
Get people in the habit of starting in the back and working forward so the don’t accidentally open it to the wrong page. (We say start at the back and when you come to a used page do the next one.)

We like the cold reveal with commentary (light heart non-mean commentary). In other words without previewing we say “My word was “cat” and here mom draw an excellent cat sitting in a window. Dad wrote “Cat Nap”. Bob drew a bed covered in cats and Sue wrote Crazy cat lady”.

The best part is the crappier the drawer the more laughs they normally get.

Our first game my mom drew a otter in a chefs hat <—- treasured memory

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This is a great game to break out when you are waiting for “the rest” of your group to show up. It is fast paced and can be very cut throat (if you play it right).

You don’t have to be a gamer to understand and play it. Just when you get started remember to tell everyone “I don’t know yet” when they ask how do you win. The goals change. The rules change.

When you start the only rule is Draw a card and play a card. There is no way to win. You will play more rule cards which will change the number you draw, or play, or keep. You will play goal cards and if you meet a goal then you win. You will steal other people’s cards and they will steal you hand. You will play a Keeper so you can win the next round and someone will steal it and then you will have to figure out how to get rid of the card you were going to use without letting them win. Every card played changes the path you are aiming for.

Many times you will pull defeat from certain victory or draw the card that would cause you to win moments after you lost another card you would have won with. Part of the fun is realizing how many time you caused yourself to lose seconds before you win. Needless to say, Fluxx is the only name they could have picked ultimately.

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