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Magic: The Gathering – 2011 Core Set - Board Game Box Shot

Magic: The Gathering – 2011 Core Set

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2011 Core Set title

The Battle Rages On
The Magic: The Gathering game expands every year, introducing new worlds filled with deadly perils, new wars between ancient enemies, and fantastic new adventures. At the center is the Magic core set, representing the game in its purest form: evocative spells, menacing creatures, and infinite possibilities. But even at its core, the experience is ever changing. The Magic 2011 core set continues that tradition.

Collector's Highlights
Magic: The Gathering 2011 Core Set features 249 black-bordered cards, including randomly inserted premium versions of all cards in the set. It is available in booster packs, intro packs, and fat packs.

2011 Core Set boxes
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“Complex, Addicting and Flawed”

I’ve played MtG since the BETA set and I have to say that few games have held up as well, until recently. The trend of retiring cards as new sets come out is frustrating and rewards players that have more expendable incomes than others. Still, the replay value (thanks to the sheer number of cards) is unmatched. The creativity in building a deck will satisfy the most avid strategist, and the artwork will please just about everyone. Just beware, the rules continue to get more complex and whole books/websites have been devoted to learning how to play.


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