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Wizards Quest - Board Game Box Shot

Wizards Quest

| Published: 1979

A strange and powerful wizard is about to put you to the test. Recover three treasures hidden on the fantastic island of Marnon, and it is yours to rule. Sound simple? Well, remember we told you the wizard was strange. He has already prepared a warm reception for you!

An extremely prolific race of orcs with very hungry appetites here, and you are never totally safe from their hunting forays which may burst forth from anywhere at anytime.

A particularly insidious flying dragon also inhabits the neighborhood. His sole pleasure is flying from place to place until he chances upon some army to devour. This keeps him occupied for just so long, and then he's off again. Unfortunately for you, there is no way to know where he'll land next. And, in the ultimate gesture of magnanimity, the wizard has invited your associates to join you in competing for the same prize.

But all is not lost; you have a well-equipped force, ably led by a hero and a magical sorcerer, to aid you in your quest. The wizard also makes periodic visits himself to different places, bringing with him the spirit of peace and, perhaps, a few extra men for your army. And, if the need arises, you may petition the wizard for assistance, which could end the quest or incur his wrath.

With good planning and a little luck, you and your valiant band can battle your way through the dragon, orcs and competing forces to your treasures and victory.

Wizard's Quest can be played by from two to six players. The mapboard portrays the island of Marnon, which has been divided into thirty-six territories and eight castle spaces. Orcs are placed in approximately one-third of these spaces, and players in turn place their men in the remaining unoccupied spaces. An opposing player then places your treasure in the most inaccessible spots he can find. Each turn, orcs currently on the board are reinforced with additional orcs by a random die roll. Spaces which contain four orcs then frenzy and attack any and all players in spaces adjacent to their spaces. The dragon then goes marauding as he flies from space to space, determined by a random die roll. He stops his flying for the turn as soon as he lands and devours at least one of the players' men. The wizard also makes a visit to a randomly determined space, bringing with him reinforcements and protection from attack.

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