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Dragon Dice

, | Published: 1995
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Dragon Dice™ is strategy game where players create mythical armies using dice to represent each troop. The game combines strategy and skill as well as a little luck. Each person tries to win the game by outmaneuvering the opponent to capture 2 terrains. Of course eliminating your opponent completely is another acceptable way of winning.

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“Very under rated game”

Dragon dice is a game I believe to be very under rated.

While this game can appear to be a little “clunky” and maybe hard to grasp at first, once you get through the surface layer to the goodies underneath this is actually a very nice game.

You get to roll dice, roll more dice and then roll dice again. So if you enjoy rolling dice then you will enjoy it, just take some time to get familiar with the rules.

The basics of the game are that you have different size dice which represent different size unit, and you have dice which do different things depending on what their role is. The role of the dice will be indicated on one of the dice faces.

The players fight over three terrains which are represented by 8 sided dice and the first player to get two dice to the number 8 wins.

In order to win the players split their forces into three armies then choose which terrain to attack, depending which number the terrain dice is showing will depend what type of attack you can do. The three attacks you can do are Shooting, magic and close combat.

Also you have a D20 which represent a dragon, very fun.

The main problem with this game is that at the moment its very difficult to get hold of many armies, but I have recently seen work in progress. So this gives me hope that soon they will advance the game.

You can check out the game here


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