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Legendary Encounters: Firefly - Board Game Box Shot

Legendary Encounters: Firefly

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Legendary® Encounters: A Firefly™ Deck Building Game brings together the story telling of a cooperative deck builder with the Episodes of the hit TV show Firefly. Players must work together to complete a set of Objectives for each Episode, gain credits, and hopefully win the game.

For those that have played the previous Legendary® Encounters games they will be pretty far along to knowing the rules of this one. One of the biggest differences between Legendary® Encounters: A Firefly™ Deck Building Game and its predecessors are the Avatars. While Avatars have always been present in Legendary Encounters these Avatars are of the main cast of the show: the crew of Serenity.

Players will now take on the roles of characters like Mal, Zoe, River, and Simon to try and complete episodes from the Firefly TV show. During setup, players will each select an Avatar. These will be the Main Characters of the game. Each game will have 5 Main Characters and 4 Supporting Characters so all 9 crew members will be a part of each game.

In a game with fewer than five players, additional Avatars are selected until the total count including players is five. These extra Avatars are placed below the playmat. These cards are also Main Characters, but they do not count as players.

The four remaining Avatars are the Supporting Characters of the game. The 14-card stack for each Supporting Character is shuffled together to form the Crew Deck.

An example of this setup would be: Mal, Kaylee, and Jayne are selected for a three player game. To round out the five Main Characters Inara and Wash are also selected. These two will not be used by players directly. The 14-card decks of the final four Avatars: Book, River, Simon, and Zoe are shuffled together to form the Crew Deck.

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