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Loopin’ Louie - Board Game Box Shot

Loopin’ Louie

| Published: 1992
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Beware! The daring Louie is on the way in his glaring red flier. But instead of whizzing through the air in a straight line he flies in a circle and frightens all the chickens when he zooms too close to the farms. So watch out and quickly save your chickens by catapulting Louie up and perhaps turning him in a somersault.

In Loopin' Louie, a battery-powered motor placed in the center of the table rotates a boom with a little plastic plane. Four radial arms lead out to the players' barns and the chickens they're trying to protect. Each barn has a little lever, which is used to knock the rotating plane away from your chickens and hopefully into someone else's. When only one player has chickens remaining, he or she wins the game. Very silly and very addictive.

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“Very Compelling for Something So Simple”

A plastic airplane whirls around trying to knock out plastic coin-shaped chickens (I thought the joke was about ‘spherical chickens’???) Loopin’ Louie is a game that has a massive difference in opinions, often split between those who have played it, and those who have not. Watching the game played will generally leave people unimpressed, but there is something very engaging about actually sitting down and protecting your coin chickens.

Overview/Game Play
A battery powered plastic airplane on a moveable arm rotates around the board. Each player has a catapult (plastic lever) in front of a line of coin chickens. You want to use the catapult to launch the airplane away from your coin chickens. If the plane hits your coin chickens, it’ll normally knock them down. You want to be the last person with coin chickens left.

This game is about as simple to teach and play as one can imagine. It can be taught in 10 seconds, and amazingly, enjoyed for hours.

My Thoughts
When I normally see someone pull Loopin’ Louie out, there are a number of gamers that will groan, and complain about how lame the game looks. The hardest part of this game is often to get someone to sit down and try it. Almost everyone I’ve gotten into a seat to play not only becomes a fan; they finish multiple games before looking up where they can get a copy.

It’s easy and yet engaging. You want to keep knocking the plane away from your coin chickens to protect them. With a full complement of four people playing, it can get intense as everyone is focused on keeping the plane away. After a few whacks at the plane, people will start trying to time their hits, and modulate the force they use, to turn from protecting their area to better attacking others.

There will be times where someone hits Louie just right and you have no chance to protect one of your coin chickens. There will be times where hit Louie just right that he comes right back to your area. There will be times where you find yourself playing five consecutive games, and enjoying the entire experience.

The biggest downside I’ve found with Loopin’ Louie is that it can be difficult to find a copy. The game is absolutely repetitive, and is very light hearted. Normally I would say, “you’ll know if this is the type of game you’ll like”, but I’ve seen many gamers claim it’s the dumbest game they’ve ever seen, and after one play become a fan.

I highly recommend giving Loopin’ Louie a try. It works for nearly any age (the box states 4+) and takes a few minutes for a single play. It is silly fun that is bound to be a hit with family, casual and social gamers, but tends to entertain other gamers as well. It’s amazing how addictive fighting off a plastic airplane can be!

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“Great fun for all ages!”

Loopin’ Louie is a great game for all ages. It’s a game I grew up playing when I was much younger, and even today I like to bring it out for some great memories. The game stars Louie, a crazed pilot who takes great joy in terrorizing the local chickens. Your job is to save those chickens!

LL is so simple. You man a plastic catapult that you will use to defend your chickens (small coins). Meanwhile Louie hovers above and swoops down to try to knock your chickens off their stand. He is attached to a motorized, rotating arm and you must use your little catapult to send Louie high into the sky away from your barn, and hopefully onto an opponents chickens. Whoever is the last to have chickens standing after Louie’s assault is the declared the winner!

LL is a great, casual game for families, or an easy filler game. On the surface it may seem boring, but there’s actually a little more going on once you play it. You quickly realize that the game requires a good amount of timing, reflexes, and control of power behind your catapult swings. Do you give Louie a little tap just to survive? Or do you wail on him sending him over your chickens and diving onto your opponents? Depending on how you hit him you’ll soon see Louie flipping and flying through the air, and sometimes it’s hard to tell where he’ll land! He also has a little bounce to his landing due to the looseness of his mechanical arm. Sometimes you may think your chicken is doomed but instead he gracefully bounces over your barn. I often find my friends wanting to play round after round to try to figure out the best strategy.

I’ve loved Loopin’ Louie over the years. The art is light-hearted and the gameplay is fast paced. It keeps me coming back time and time again. Unfortunately it’s hard to find these days, that’s why I’m happy that we already have our copy in our family.

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“so much fun........”

Great fun game.
Simple to play, simple to set up and simple to teach.
Fun for all the family.
Played this with a bunch of 40 something blokes and we had a ball.
Buy it for the kids and you will find, you will never be off it.
Replay value could be an issue as the game never really changes.
But it’s all about having fun.
The object is to keep Louie in the air so he doesn’t take your chickens out.
Losing your chickens is bad!!
But you want Louie to take out your opponents chickens so you can win the game.
So you have a rotating Louie in a plane circling.
You have to time your button press so you help Louie fly over your chickens.
Too hard and he will fly over your neighbours too.
Not hard enough or poorly timed and Louie takes out one of your chickens.
Once your chickens are all gone you’re out of the game.
The person with the last chicken standing is the winner
I think I would find myself returning to it time and time again.
It’s just fun!!


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