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Eggs and Empires - Board Game Box Shot

Eggs and Empires


Eggs from the dragons of Ridback Mountain are valuable — not quite as valuable as gold following the last market fluctuation, but still TOTALLY worth the hassle, especially since it's not like YOU are climbing the mountain and searching through dragon caves. That's what peasants are for...

All the empires have sent their intrepid Adventurers out to collect Eggs, but not all will succeed! It gets crowded on Ridback Mountain, and there are only so many dragon Eggs to go around — not to mention that the dragons have started mixing Exploding Eggs into their nests, and those hurt.

Eggs and Empires is a fast-playing card game in which players will use matching decks of Empire Cards that contain Adventurers numbered 1-10. On each turn, all players will select one card from their hand and play it simultaneously in an attempt to collect Good Eggs that are worth VP while avoiding the nasty Exploding Eggs that lose VP! Typically, the player who played the highest Adventurer chooses an Egg first, then the player with the second highest Adventurer picks an Egg, and so on until all revealed Eggs are collected. Ah, but it's not that simple! Each Adventurer has a unique power that can affect the order in which Eggs are selected. The powers interact in strategic and awesome ways so that every hand is exciting and different.

Outwit your opponents to collect as many Dragon Eggs as possible — while avoiding those wicked Exploding Eggs!

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