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“Speed Merchant”

Ok, that’s an exaggeration. But MoV is a looong game. It’s a great game, but a long one. In an effort to encourage quicker rounds, I use a dice tray. When a player has completed all of their Movement Phase, they pass the tray left. While the previous player moves into their Transaction Phase, the next player can roll their dice and begin their own turn.

There is so little (if any) direct interaction between players, there shouldn’t be any harm in this. In fact, I’m going to fancify mine with 4 dice in each player color to help this process even further!

In a 4-player game,it worked well. The person doing their Transaction Phase has the player to their right help them (moving tokens/tiles, banking, etc). The player rolling has player to their left helping them
(with Encounter Cards, tiles, rules, etc).

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“Sort By Culture”

When storing the game sort all the cardboard pieces for a single culture into a single bag. Unless you don’t ever plan on playing one of the two versions, keep the pieces for both versions in the same bag.

Don’t bother setting up these pieces in the Culture Supply Area as shown in the rules, just grab the appropriate baggy when the corresponding First Contact Card is revealed. Then put the pieces appropriate to the version you are playing on the board.

We’ve found that doing this can cut set-up time significantly.

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“declare heading and navigation points”

1st house rule: We never declare heading before setting speed,it’s annoying and really easy to forget,never had a complaint about it.

2nd house rule: if you can’t or don’t want to set a navigation die before entering a navigation space,role the special die instead of the player to your left telling you where to go.More randomness to it and it’s arbitrary. Can be used with telegates and in both version(standard-classic)

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“Organization, Organization, Organization”

The best way to cut down on setup time is to keep everything extremely organized. It is also easier to keep most of the components in their bags during gameplay as opposed to setting them up on the table. If you are well organized, you can just grab what you need. No need to spend half an hour setting up a game that is already very long.

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“Saving time with setup”

I bought an insert from daedalus production and REALLY saved time on the setup.Because of that the game comes more often on the table and it’s also GOOD-LOOKING.Everyone that saw it asked me question to where to get it so….

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