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Battlestations: Dirtside - Board Game Box Shot

Battlestations: Dirtside

| Release Date: 2021 Q3

We need space explorers!

Battlestations: You are simultaneously moving your minis around your starship boards (to activate battlestations or fight off boarding pirates)… while ALSO flying your ship mini around on the separate spacemap, dodging asteroids or launching missiles. Many missions can be played fully co-op or solo, but generally a moderator facilitates the game.

We need boots on the ground!

Dirtside: Each type of terrain has thematic and intuitive rules; hide in buildings or gain cover in trees! The enemies and other threats are all controlled by the game itself, but you can play with a moderator if you want to.

Gain experience and abilities between missions!

Each mission has a defined goal, and the campaign has an ongoing narrative of mystery, action, and adventure. Each turn you each get to move + take an action - like piloting a ship or vehicle, or operating a weapon or medkit.

Battlestations and Dirtside both use the same game system and are fully compatible, so characters and equipment migrate seamlessly. They are also both standalone.

Battlestations: DIRTSIDE is both a board game and a RPG. It can be played - without a game master - up to 8 players, or played solo. It can also be played as a tactical skirmish game (player vs. player). It is a science fiction adventure on the surface of alien worlds.

Features dozens of aliens species, multiple factions vying for power, and cloning technology. You don't need Battlestations to play.

Your character starts with a special ability, weapons, and an ability for your species. You can gain experience, rank up, purchase equipment between missions, and gain new abilities. The action is fully contained in each mission, but your character growth is unlimited.

Simple rules, and a tutorial campaign to learn advanced rules one-at-a-time.

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Game should be released in 2021 Q3, so watch the news!

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