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“Summer Nights, Grilling and....Tomb Raiding????”

Summertime brings those familiar songs back to the radio. I know it is a good day when I can kick off the flip flops and scream/sing 99 Red Balloons at a red light to the accompaniment of befuddled looks and slowly rolled up windows around me. 🙂

Summertime also brings out certain ‘summer games’ to the back deck. Killer Bunnies usually get a magical carrot quest or two in. Apples to Apples gets its crate dusted off and other social and chit chat games.

And Catacombs makes for the perfect backyard party evening of dungeon partying.

What do you need: an old portable air hockey table and a copy of Catacombs and you have perfect after-grilling entertainment for your Gaming Guild BBQ.

Recommendation: The Boy covered the surface of our broken down air hockey table with felt to hold the boards in place and prevent slippage. The rim of the air hockey table is just high enough to prevent skellies from going AWOL and low enough that it doesn’t interfere with your reach.

Bringing dungeon delving with Catacombs outside and opening it up to a wide open space like a back deck makes for easy play and lining up that perfect kill shot has never been better. The smell of post-grill, the flicker of Tiki torches, and the occasional fzzzt of a bug zapper equals instant atmosphere.

I do recommend a pretty solid understanding of the rules and characters for your night of ‘grilling and goblins’ because dri…slight adult beverage consumption, dexterity, and dungeon delving can get interesting. 🙂

And there is nothing more satisfying than flicking that final boss into a goal and back into the abyss where they belong.

Update: The new edition of Catacombs on Kickstarter
really stands out with its lighter, fun, cartoony images for Tiki Torchbearing activities. 🙂

And now our darker dex-serious First Edition can remain safe indoors and our ‘Dungeon Party Party Edition’ can brave the wilds once it arrives.

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“Sir Mulligan of Do-Over”

With younger or less-skilled flicking players, I allow plenty of “mulligans” (esp if they mis-hit and their disk barely moves). They’ll mess up enough with legitimate shots, so why frustrate them (or make them hate the game) if they get punished for sloppy fingers.

Now the Catacomb Lord? No mercy. If he whiffs, he whiffs. (In our games, the CL is typically one of our better players anyway).

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“Add more dungeon rooms to increase difficulty for the heros”

Add in 1-2 more dungeon room cards for the heroes to traverse. The game tends to favor heavily the heroes, especially if one player is controlling all of them. The game isn’t particularly balanced with the item cards. Pretty savy hero players will identify powerful item combos to give their heroes.

Add one level 1 room and one level 2 room. It’s not necessarily the difficulty of the room, but it pads out the heroes being able to heal up.

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