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“Play with remote players”

Each week I roll the dice and send a photo of the rolled dice to all my grandchildren. They write their stories and reply all to the email.

Each week I ask for some comments on different topics. It gets us to communicate better and have fun playing together even though we are in different cities. The grandchildren range from 10 to 15. They love the game.
It is also fun for me.

I just purchased the expansions and will be mixing them over the next few weeks.

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“Trick for ROLL Players who need a kick-start!”

We use Rory’s Story (& Action) Cubes in our RPGs (even DnD).
We do alot of storytelling (often via flashback scenes), where the players are given alot of freedom in crafting their (& others’) stories. Some of our players are roll-players or kids, who aren’t accustomed to such storytelling. So, when any of them get “stuck” we let them toss the Story Dice and use the results to jump-start their imaginations! Works especially well for the kids in the group. It lets that type of player satisfy their dice-rolling urges, too! Cool find, glad to have stumbled upon Rory’s Cubes!

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Use time while the others are making up stories for the dice, to prepare different scenarioes fitting into the story. Also think of the most challenging continuation from your submition

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“NaNoWriMo Story Pushes”

participating in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, where writers across the world try to write 50,000 words of a novel during the month of November) and need to give your story a push? These make excellent story prompts for when you get stuck.

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