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Timeline: Music & Cinema - Board Game Box Shot

Timeline: Music & Cinema

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We love our entertainment – but do we know when it all came about? Learn about the roots of modern rock, the early days of motion pictures, and the masterpieces of the classical composers in this fun and educational game about the history of entertainment.

Players will compete to get rid of their cards by inserting them into the timeline. Was Flight of the Valkyries before the William Tell Overture? Sure, the Eagles came before Daft Punk, but was Enter the Dragon between the two? Guess correctly and learn as you play, and be the first to place of all your cards to win the game.


  • Easy rules that will have you playing in minutes.
  • Beautiful art on every card.
  • Educational and entertaining.

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6 of 14 gamers found this helpful
“Great art and concept makes this a must have micro-game”

The Timeline games are a blast, and this is by far my favorite. The range and genres for both films and music in the deck is well thought out and balanced. The art is what makes this game stand out. The newly rendered images from classic films and classic bands and composers are so stylistic and cool, you’ll find yourself wishing the tiny cards were all poster-sized.

Don’t go through the deck before you play for the first time to add to the fun of discovering. With every new Timeline installment, I always like to play the new deck first a few times before mixing it into the master deck.

This timeline really stands out, especially for fans of great cinema and music.

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4 of 14 gamers found this helpful
“Know yout History. ”

The game is very simple but noneless fun. You have to place event in the current order on the board. If some musicals or cinematics events may be easy. You’ll struggle on certain period of time.

It is face to learn, making it a party game that will be enjoyable by people of all age. The disadvantage is that the owner of the game will finish by learning by heart the date of events so the replay value is limited.


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