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Return to Mirkwood Adventure Pack - Board Game Box Shot

Return to Mirkwood Adventure Pack

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After a long and difficult hunt, the heroes of Middle-earth have captured Gollum and now escort their prisoner back to King Thranduil’s palace in Mirkwood. There, Gandalf the Grey hopes to interrogate the wretched creature for the information he suspects may keep the One Ring out of the Dark Lord’s clutches. But the journey back won’t be easy!

The sixth and conclusive Adventure Pack in the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle, Return to Mirkwood puts your heroes in the difficult position of escorting Gollum through some of the darkest and most dangerous locations of Mirkwood forest. New predators stalk through the forest, drawn by Gollum’s tantrums.

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Return to Mirkwood expands the card pool for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game with 60 new cards, including a challenging new Quest, a new hero, and three copies each of new attachments, allies, and events.

This is not a stand-alone deck. A copy of The Lord of the Rings: The Core Set is required to play.

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“The end of the Mirkwood Adventures.”

This is the last scenario of the Mirkwood adventures. It is time for you to drop off Gollum and continue to other questing adventures. The hero for this deck is Dain Ironfoot. He would be a welcome addition to any dwarf deck. While he is ready, Dwarf characters get a +1 to hit and questing.

There are a couple or Eagle cards included in this scenario. One of the cards I enjoy is entitled Support of the Eagles. You attach the card to a tactics hero and until the end of the phase the attached hero can add a eagles damage or shield to their own numbers. This ability is very helpful for killing the dreaded attercop.

Most of the enemies in this encounter deck are very hard hitting. Be sure to use armor, healing, and any attachments to your best advantage. I kept Denethor as a hero, so I could constantly look at the top card of the encounter deck. It is very unwise to run into an attercop with out warning.

Eleanor is also very important since she can cancel when revealed effects of treachery cards. The “when revealed” cards can be be very deadly, especially the ones that have you damage every CHARACTER that belongs to the player guarding gollum.

Keep your threat as low as possible, and be sure to kill creatures as they appear. If you have two many creatures in the staging area at the end of the quest, you will be overwhelm. If you succeed, congratulations you have dropped off a nuisance to society. Now go quest elsewhere.


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