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Timeline: Diversity (Second Edition) - Board Game Box Shot

Timeline: Diversity (Second Edition)

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“Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.” … but it doesn’t make Timeline any easier!

The invention of the tank, the 1st appearance of a Superhero, and the invention of the coffee maker… Can you put all these events correctly on the timeline? With Timeline, learn the answer to this question and thousands more. Each card has a different historical event and on the opposite side its associated date.

To begin, one card is randomly selected from the draw pile. This is placed in the middle of the table, date-side up and is the starting point of a chronological line which will slowly be built by players. The first player then chooses one of their cards and places it before or after that of the initial card. The player's card is then turned date-side up. If the player was right, it remains on the table. Otherwise, the card is discarded and a new one must be drawn to replace it. The more cards which are correctly played, the harder it is to correctly place new ones! The first player to get rid of their cards wins.

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“So much fun, you won't even know that you're learning!”

Initial Thoughts
The Timeline series of games is probably about as close as you can come to a Living Card Game without actually tacking on that label. Each new set combines seamlessly with all other sets (or so I would imagine). If you are a history buff or have one in your family, these games are perfect. And for $15, how can you pass them up?

I was trying to decide which one to purchase first, and Diversity sounded like the best bet. Other Timeline sets deal with one particular…well…line of items (e.g. Discoveries, American History, Music & Cinema, and even Sports). Diversity could be viewed as a survey of all of these with cards showing the date of the first appearances of everything from bees to football to corn flakes to hip hop.

What’s In The Box?
110 64mm x 43mm double-sided cards (gorgeous artwork and date on one side; just the gorgeous artwork on the other)

You get the game going by taking a card from the draw pile and placing it date-side up in the middle of the table—this is the starting point on the timeline. The first player then chooses one of her cards and places it either before or after the initial card (without looking at the date). The player’s card is then flipped up to show the date. If she guessed correctly, it remains on the table. If not, the card is put in the discard pile, and she must draw a new one to replace it. Play continues around the table until one lucky player gets rid of all of his cards. That’s the catch: the more cards everyone plays correctly, the tougher it slowly becomes to correctly guess where the next card goes.

Final Thoughts
What’s terrific about Timeline: Diversity is that any player can play it. The tin says it’s for ages 8 and up, and, granted, some of the cards may require some explanation, but nothing beats the reaction when a younger player correctly places The Carving of the Rosetta Stone after a brief explanation (“So it isn’t a computer program?”) and some intense head scratching. Heck, it’s pretty impressive when I correctly place some of these! Player interaction can be as active or passive as the group allows. I love it when my kids and nephews start chatting up their decisions (à la Who Wants To Be A Millionaire) Also, as I mentioned earlier, cards from this set would combine with other sets greatly increasing the replayability…and the difficulty!


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