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Timeline: Discoveries - Board Game Box Shot

Timeline: Discoveries

| Published: 2012
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Timeline: Discoveries card game title

Was America discovered before Planetary Motion?
With Timeline: Discoveries, find the answer to this question and thousands of others by comparing your knowledge or insight to historical reality!

Each card has a different discovery and on the opposite side its associated date. The game play is easy… but the challenge comes as the timeline expands!

Each player is dealt the same number of cards. At the start of the game, a card is drawn at random from the stack and is placed at the center of the table with the date showing. This is the starting point for a timeline that will be gradually completed by the players.

The first player then chooses one of his cards and places it before or after the card on the initial map. The player's card is then turned over to show the date of the discovery. If it is correct, it stays in place. Otherwise, the card is discarded and the player must draw another to replace it.

The more cards placed in the timeline, the harder it is to ask new without making a mistake! The first player who has no more cards wins!

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“Fun the first time”

This game was fun the first time, but once you start to get a feel for what happened when, it loses replay-ability pretty fast. It also is very western centric in what it considered “discoveries” and in terms of when things were first discovered. The art on the cards is very pretty and the game is very simple to learn for kids, but it doesn’t have much going for it.


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