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8 out of 11 gamers thought this was helpful

Clue is a great concept, but what if you could work together to solve the mystery? In Mysterium one player is a ghost who has to provide clues to the other players through strange dreams (weird drawings on cards) alone. The players (minus the ghost) then work together to figure out what their dreams meant and solve the crime.

Mysterium is the most replayable game I have ever played in this genre. Because any part of the dream pictures could be the clue, be it one tiny doll on a shelf, or the general color scheme of the dream. The game totally relies on the players to keep it interesting, to find cool things in the pictures to use as clues, which makes it infinitely replayable.

I have the original ukranian version of the game which has (in my opinion) better art work on the cards. It also has few extraneous game pieces and is completely cooperative (I believe the newer version of the game has some competitive aspect).

This is my favorite whole family game of all time, it gets my gramma and younger cousins arguing about what I intended the dreams to mean and who did the murder, in what room, with what weapon.

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2 out of 7 gamers thought this was helpful

This game was fun the first time, but once you start to get a feel for what happened when, it loses replay-ability pretty fast. It also is very western centric in what it considered “discoveries” and in terms of when things were first discovered. The art on the cards is very pretty and the game is very simple to learn for kids, but it doesn’t have much going for it.

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