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Factory Fun - Board Game Box Shot

Factory Fun

, | Published: 2006
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Players attempt to build the most successful factory to produce the best products by connecting input and output reservoirs smartly to your machines to build the most profitable factory!

Players each start with a unique empty factory floor with a support pillar in the middle. During the game you purchase machines to place in your factory. Each machine takes 1 to 3 inputs from reservoirs (yellow, blue, red, and brown) and produces one output (of the same colors, or black end products). You must always connect all reservoirs and machines correctly by using the connectors (the pipelines). At the start this is easy, but becomes more puzzling during the game.

Players start with one of each color reservoir, and can sometimes acquire additional reservoirs. On the machine-tiles you see the revenue of each machine. Connecting machines to each other (input on output) makes more advanced products which brings extra profit. But building connectors and reservoirs costs money and you must try to have the most money at the end.

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“Fun idea for a game”

When I bought this game I thought it would be one of my favorite games. I do like it but it needs a better mechanism for selecting machines to play each round.

The idea of the game is to build a factory by adding machines that have input from 4 colors and output a different color than the input. You can then direct the out output from one machine to be a input for another machine or a output reservoir. When you are able to connect the output from one machine to another you get a bonus score chip.

There are 4 different types of connector tiles with different paths on each side. These 8 connectors allow for any path to be taken to connect two machines including crossovers.

The game is great as a solo game to see how high you can score and is ok with 2-4 players. My reason for the ok comment is the mechanism to select a tile. Quote from rules: One player slowly counts down 3 2 1 TURN. When TURN is called all Players pick one machine tile from among all those just turned with his turning hand.

This process is chaos. You do not have time to look at the machine before others just grab your tile to hurt you because they think you selected a good machine. This machine could have been good for you but it may hurt them rather then help them.

We have tried several ways to change this mechanism but have not found one that works well.

The game gives each player a two sided game board (expert & classic) and columns to place on the board to make connecting machines more difficult.

The components are good quality and the are work is good.

Love the game idea and still working on a way to select the machines.

A new version of the game was offered on kickstrater but I just cold not buy it because of the issues I mentioned.


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