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Star Trek: Fleet Captains – Romulan Empire - Board Game Box Shot

Star Trek: Fleet Captains – Romulan Empire

| Published: 2012
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In Star Trek: Fleet Captains - Romulan Empire, the Romulan Empire expands its influence into the game of Star Trek: Fleet Captains.

This expansion features twelve new Romulan ships molded in color and ten new Romulan Command Decks. A new game mechanism — Espionage — adds new Missions for your fleet and the new Saboteur crew members allow you to deploy secret agents onto your opponents ships! An updated rulebook includes rules to allow for three-player games.

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“My excitement has diminished”

When I first heard about this expansion, I was very excited. An awesome sounding expansion, to an already awesome game. My enthusiasm for everything was supreme. It was going to add a race that is fun to play, a third player possibility, and more minis!

However, the things I thought I would love tended to clunk up the game, so I don’t play with this expansion any more. The race is still fun to play, and the minis are cool, but the missions are weak and/or hard, and the play is slowed down so much by the extra player that it isn’t worth it.

Sorry, WizKids. I still love you, but this was bad.


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