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Dungeon Roll

52 out of 61 gamers thought this was helpful

Dungeon Roll is the first and only Kickstarter I ever backed. I didn’t back it because I thought it would be this phenomenally immersive dungeon crawling experience, but rather because it looked like a good game I could play on my own and maybe with others.

The game is extremely easy to learn – roll up your party, then try to find the best combinations to fight as far as you can into the dungeon. The choices are usually pretty obvious, but there can be a few agonizing decisions along the way. I like the addition of the treasures, and how they can be kept for points or used for special abilities, which adds another level of choice – is the ability worth giving up the point?

Dungeon Roll is an excellent solo game, but I doubt I’ll ever recommend it for more than two players. With two, one player can roll the dungeon dice while the other takes a turn, but with more than that, there can be a lot of sitting around. I think that I’d like to see more ways to affect others in the future for the game.

If you’re looking for a highly interactive dungeon crawl, look elsewhere. If you want a good quick solo puzzle game, Dungeon Roll might be right for you. It just depends on your expectations.

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