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Rum and Bones

45 out of 54 gamers thought this was helpful

Cool mini or not did it again. This time on the seven seas. When I saw the mini’s available for this game I had to back it, and now that I have it, I will say they did not disappoint.

A very different and fun game from other mini’s games I have.

You play one of two ship captains and you each try to board the others ship and tear it down piece by piece while you deckhands and bosans, mindlessly follow orders and fight to the death.

The key to the game is choosing your heros. You get five of them, each having different powers, some defensive some offensive. You build up a wealth of coins and as the coins raise, you can use you more powerful skills and weapons.

As you crew barrels forward on to your opponents ship you need to figure out how to get over to knock out the cannon that is ripping apart your men or know out the mast or wheel. Each thing you take out will add to your powers and get you closer to victory.

Can’t get over the gang planks fast enough? Jump on the rigging and swing to victory but don’t push it too far or you end up in the drink!

Just when you thought the violence was getting to bloody, what is that I see? A Sea Dragon or Kraken, rears it’s ugly head trying to make your life miserable. Although deadly, if you take him our you are already one third of the way to your victory. And you gain more abilities as well.

Knock out six victory points of ship or sea creature and you are the winner. But the most fun part is trying to pick a team that has the power combo’s that will help you accomplish this and the art and figures on these characters are amazing!!!

Next game I am sending the **** Rokkers off to Sea. A “Band” of Pirates that are **** Bent for Leather, and Ready to Rock with some Cold Gin in hand. Looking forward to my next expansions too, to see what the Orient might bring to the Seven Seas. Batten down the Hatches!!!

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Eldritch Horror

21 out of 29 gamers thought this was helpful

Arkham Horror is one of my all time favorite games, period. I love it and would play it everyday if I could. The problem is I can not always find people who agree with me, especially when it comes to the time allotted factor. So Fantasy Flight designed a game that has most of the flavor, some neat differences and much quicker turn around.

Eldritch Horror, first is based off the Cthulhu Mythos, one of the ancient ones is going to destroy the world and you need to find out how and stop it. Similar to Arkham some new features are you are searching on a global basis, and you are doing more investigating rather than just trying to seal up gates as the monsters try to break their way into the world.

Each ancient one has their own special cards and scenarios which are a fun twist. Not as many ancient ones(only 4 to start) but the expansions do add to that.

There is still a lot going on each turn, and the play feels similar, yet they streamlined the turns and what you can do. Everything is coded with symbols so it is easy to figure out what you are doing.

All and all, it is a nice add on to your Cthulhu game fix, it doesn’t replace Arkham for me, but it lets me play it more often.

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Firefly: The Game

65 out of 98 gamers thought this was helpful

Another amazing games for Gale Force 9! I loved Spartacus and I loved Firefly the show, so it was only natural that I check this game out and Gale Force 9 did it again. I love their games because they have so many details and aspects to the game.

It Firefly, you play a ships captain, who is trying to get by in the verse the best way they know possible. There are 6 different scenarios you could choose as the mission for the game. As you play you need to pick up crew members, equipment and then jobs along the way to make money in order to bring you closer to your talk. Your ship can only hold so much and your can be pirated along the way so keep track of your cargo and passengers.

Your use up fuel and parts and can do many side adventures while trying to finish your tasks. You can play clean or sneak around and do illegal jobs for money but don’t get caught by the alliance!

So much fun, can’t wait for the Pirates and Bounty Hunters expansion.

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Zombie Dice

14 out of 35 gamers thought this was helpful

We found this game at Gen Con, and we fell in love, you could play pick up games just about anywhere. And at our hotel we had 7:00 happy hour so we brought it down and turned it into a drinking game. I love push your luck games. We basically gave every chip you gained a drink you could give out, with punishment drinks when you pushed it and lost to the zombies. We added having to make bullet noises with each bang for extra drunken silliness.

Even without drinking this game is a fun filler for any game night.

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64 out of 71 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is a little different in game mechanics than your standard zombie game. Killing zombies are not the main emphasis to the game (although you still have to kill a lot of them, lol). You are trying to gather followers, get supplier and find a new place to live so you can exist in the Zombie apocalypse. Killing zombies are just an unfortunate part of your turn to turn functioning. You are never going to stop them and I have never seen a game that has as many zombies in it, the last time we played the board was covered with literally 100’s of them.

The other cool mechanic of the game is how easy it is to play while still giving the power gamer his/her mechanic fix. Everything is based off the encounter deck, so it keeps things simple yet it allows for a bunch of different things to happen. You also find equipment through them which I liked too.

My biggest beef with the game is occasionally you get a card that had no chance to do anything with and you just fail, but I personally didn’t mind that too much, it did make things more random, but a dice game is random by nature.

All and all a very fun game that is easy to get going and teach. It also wasn’t a whole day game (our games went from one hour to two and and half)

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116 out of 147 gamers thought this was helpful

This game has it all, and the best part is, it is easy to learn and play too. The game has three major sectors, it is a game of marketing, a game of deceit and a game of combat. All three parts are just as fun as the others. You are constantly backstabbing, creating alliances, and building your army of powerful warriors.

The combat system is awesome as well. You have three sets of dice, one for combat, one for defense and one for movement and initiative. Each time you are hit, you lose a die of your choice, never being able to go past one until all sets are at one. Once you lose a set to nothing you gladiator has lost.

There is gambling involved too, it encompasses all of my favorite gaming features and it keeps it simple, yet is not a basic game.

The only flaw I have found is so minor that I didn’t even see it as a flaw, but my brother did, partially because he was playing it, but anyways if you have Theokeles he is usually awesome at a max of 5 combat and 5 defense, but he is slow with only two. He usually wins but because of his speed if you put him against a warrior with 4 speed and a trident which lets you fight at two spaces away it is an automatic win for Theokeles’s opponent(as long as you always win initiative which is not hard to do at 4 dice to 2). Personally it is a nice weakness to be able to beat the ogre simply that usually wins, and it is not that often that this situation comes up, so I liked it, my brother who was all proud of his Theokeles was a little ****** when we figured it out. Other than that though even he loved the game.

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Arkham Horror

39 out of 89 gamers thought this was helpful

I love coop games and I love lots of pieces and details. The lovecraft theme helps too. I like how the game progresses and each turn determines your fate. You need to have a little luck, but most of it is skill planning on how you are going to stop this monster when everything is going against you. You do need to make sure that each person is working together or it will come back to bite you!

Each expansion adds new mechanics to the game, but make sure not to add too many of them or the themes get lost. I usually just do one at a time.

There are tournaments and concocted games on the internet that keep things changing. All and all it is a lot of fun, but set a side a good portion of your day, it takes a while.

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