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Sorry Sliders - Board Game Box Shot

Sorry Sliders

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Slide, collide, and score to win! It's a twist on the SORRY game you know and love!

Play one of four fun games:

  • Race For Home
  • Instant Home
  • Instant SORRY!
  • Danger Dots
Grab your roller pawn and take aim - then skillfully slide it down your track onto the target board! A good slide could score big points, but watch out! An opponent's pawn may slam your pawn onto a SORRY! space - and out of the game!

sorry sliders
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“It's a little bit Sorry, and it's a little bit Crok-i-nole*”

When I first saw this game on a store shelf, I didn’t give it a second look. An updated Sorry game didn’t appeal to me. Thankfully, a member of a game group I attended was smart enough to pick it up and introduce me to it. It’s become one of my favorite games to play with kids and people looking for a quick, fun, dexterity game fix.

Sorry Sliders is NOT Sorry, it’s its own game, using pawns that resemble Sorry, with a scoring mechanic to get your pawns “home”.

Game Play

Sorry Sliders is more like shuffleboard than Crokinole, but involves many of the same ideas. You have four roller pawns (plastic pawns with a ball bearing inside the base that slides along the board). There is a track (about a foot long) that leads into a middle scoring area. On your turn, you push one of your roller pawns, releasing it before the foul line, with a goal of landing it on the scoring section. If your pawn falls over or lands in a corner (a sorry pit), it is removed from the board. Players alternate, pushing one pawn at a time.


After all players have played all four pawns, scoring begins. This scoring will be based on the scoring area you’re using (there are four that come with the game). Your overall goal is to get all of your scoring pawns to the Home area. You can only move a given scoring pawn once per turn, and it moves a number of spots equal to one of your roller pawns. You must get to Home exactly. The first person to get all of their pawns Home, wins.

One extra problem, if you have to remove a roller pawn due tt its being knocked off the board/into a sorry pit, one of your scoring pawns that isn’t Home goes back to start.

My Thoughts

Sorry Sliders is a great, quick game to play with kids, while still being fun for adults. I really like that the game comes with four different scoring sections. One has a hole in the center (like Crokinole) that sends one of your scoring pawns to Home for free. Another has that hole send a pawn back to start. There is even a board with danger dots, where if you end up on one, your pawn is removed!

The tracks that pawns are pushed down can be oriented in different ways, giving even more replayability. You can double up these tracks for longer lead-ins, or even put all four together to really test your pushing skills.

The rules are easy to learn, easy to teach, and very quick to go through. You can get a games started within a couple minutes of opening the box. Sorry Sliders even teaches basic strategy to younger kids, as they have to decide which scoring pawn to assign points to each turn.

Of newer “refreshes” of older games, Sorry Sliders, while not really feeling like Sorry, is one of my favorites. If you like dexterity games, and especially if you’re going to be playing with kids, you should definitely give Sorry Sliders a look!

*Subject line with apologies to Ms. Osmond

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“Fun for the whole family!”

Sorry! Sliders is a fun little dexterity game that brings “curling” to the tabletop. This game really doesn’t have much to do with the original game of it’s namesake, “Sorry,” other than the shape of the pawns.

The game basically involves each player taking turns sliding their pawns down a track towards a center target. Each player then gets to score points once all pawns are used up based on where in center area the pawns wind up. The player to get all four their scoring pawns home first wins the game.

Really, the rules are simple, but the game is just plain fun as you try to aim your pawns to either bump someone out of a good scoring position or to get yourself into a good scoring position. It takes quite a bit of skill to consistently hit your target.

The components are okay quality overall. The pawns are made of durable plastic, but the boards are made of flimsy cardboard that sometimes can be warped slightly. This can make it hard to consistently shoot the same way down the track between different colors. However, the pawns slide very well down the track and were very well designed.

Overall, this is a game everyone can easily enjoy. My kids thoroughly enjoy it. There is a lot of replay value in the many different ways you can setup the board. It makes a good fun filler in between heavy game sessions. Compared to a $200 Crokinole board, this game is a steal if you can get it under $20 with just as much fun!

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“A lot of fun!”

Sorry Sliders is one of those games that people walking by stop to watch…and then line up to play. My kids and I pull this one out when we have some time to kill, and sometimes even to decide who is going to do what chore. My 10 year old beats my 12 year old often, as well as myself and her Grandparents.

I won’t get into the step by step game play since Andy, in a previous review did a great job explaining it. I will agree with the criticisms of the components. While the pawns themselves work well, the game board leaves a lot to be desired. There is a little ‘lip’ at the end of your side of the board that your pawn drops off of when sliding, that can create some silly issues with pawns falling over, as well as affecting some of the strategy behind your slide. That being said, The game is still a ton of fun to play!

If you are looking for a fun little game that is easy to learn, plays quickly, and creates a lot of social interaction, then Sorry Sliders may be for you!

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“A favorite with the little ones.”

Actually MORE favorite is the “Cars”-themed race track version (hard to find), but this is always a fun dexterity choice when the little kids are in the house.


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