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Titanium Wars

, | Published: 2013
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When venturing in Limbo at the edge of the galaxy, scouts found a new form of energy: Titanium. First experiments showed it could push back the frontiers of technology, and even open new horizons for human capabilities. This news was more than enough to stir up the greed of humankind’s greatest factions. Each has sent fleets to take over nearby planets where Titanium is abundant – and even seems to be in constant expansion. From that point on, armed conflicts were bound to happen, and this war will be settled only by controlling the Titanium deposits...

Purchase buildings to master new technologies and increase your earnings. Buy units to expand your fleet and enhance your spaceships with powerful equipments. Explore the edge of the galaxy and adjust your tactics to seize control of new planets rich in Titanium. Titanium Wars is a card game of arms race and galactic conquest.

Titanium Wars card game components
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  • Countless possibilities to build and equip your own fleet.
  • Fast and smooth gameplay with no waiting for your turn.
  • Impressive artwork.

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“Boys like to battle”

Titanium wars sets the players as different factions who compete to win planets that produce titanium. The goal is to secure a specific amount of titanium by capturing 2-4 planets.

Each turn the factions will battle for a planet. There is also a special condition that is in play for just that turn. My son loves this feature. It changes a rule here and there or makes it so players cannot negotiate.

Players have a set amount of money to spend. They spend it on ships, upgrades for ships, or improvements for their planets. They can build up their defense, offense, or improve their capacity.

Players start with only being able to hold three cards at a time and three ships. Everyone starts at Tech level 0. Everyone starts at $1000 per turn. Improvements can increase your tech level (Tech level 3 is the max), increase your income, increase your card size, or increase your fleet size.

Players usually spend all their money and purchase what they can afford and what they have room for (planets have limited capacity for buildings and ships have limited room for upgrades). Generally everyone buys at the same time. Everything is available to everyone – as long as you have room for it, you have the money, and you have the tech level required.

After all the purchasing is done, players select a Tactic card from the 3 in their hand. This is the attack they have chosen. Each card lists what types of units can attack and what types of units they can attack. If I had only cruisers in my fleet and my three tactic cards allowed me to attack with fighters, I wouldn’t be able to do anything. Or I might have a card that only let me attack other large ships, doing me no good for attacking the fighters my opponents had. Everyone who is in the fight (you can choose to sit it out) reveals their tactic card at the same time (or you can go by initiative). The actions resolve based on the initiative of each tactic card (zero initiatives go first, then 1, 2, etc.). If you get destroyed before you get to attack, to bad. After all the tactics have been resolved, remaining players can retreat or discard some cards, draw more, and go again with another tactic card. Be the last one standing with ships and you win the planet. You now have more slots to build more improvements, you get any other benefits listed on the card, and you have some titanium deposits (VPs).

Everyone starts over getting money, buying stuff, and competing over the next planet. The game is over when a player has enough titanium (listed on the planet cards) they win.

My View:
This game has a lot of shifting allegiances. Players need to team up so that the person who already has a planet with 4 titanium doesn’t get the current planet of 4 since 8 titanium wins the game. The player who is being teamed up against often has benefits from the planet they won that help to counter the players massing against them.

It seems like the VPs to win is quite low. Winning 2 or 3 planets wins the game. I am tempted to increase that. I think players would do more strategic withdrawing if the number of planets needed to win were increased. We could then play around more with some of the higher technology items. We may just start everyone off at an increased tech level. My teenage sons love this game and I will continue to play it with them. Someday, perhaps I will figure out a strategy to beat them.


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