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What the Food?! - Board Game Box Shot

What the Food?!

| Published: 2013
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A food fight to the death! (ok, death).
What the Food?! is a fast-paced card game for 3-8 players capturing the experience of a classic lunch room battle! Grab food, throw combos at your opponents and duck to avoid ""humiliation"" points!

Unique Characters!

Play as one of 10 classmates caught in the crossfire, each with their own style. Gain new actions mid-fight and keep an eye out for random school events creating instant chaos!

Lunch will never be the same!

What the Food game cards
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“Turn-based game that simulates real-time”

What the Food?! is a game based on a cafeteria food fight, making it light enough of a theme to be enjoyed by any age, but the mechanics are just advanced enough to make it fun for avid gamers.

This game could have just as easily been a card-chucking real-time game, but the designer instead opted to keep it turn-based, in such a way that still manages to simulate the chaotic nature of a food fight.

Players choose their actions from a limited set of cards (with the opportunity to expand their action hand as the game goes on) and secretly choose the order in which they will take their actions. All players then reveal their actions at the same time. This way, if you think you know another player well enough to predict what they will do, you can potentially avoid a hit.

I’ve found that this game has a pretty high replay value, especially if you play a different character each time (since the starting actions differ between characters). It’s difficult for any one player to run away with the game, and I’ve seen players with a strong lead end up losing by being the favored target of the others.

The art is pretty great in this game too. The characters are vibrant and stylized in such a way that they look like the cast of a Saturday morning cartoon.

My only complaint (and it’s not much of one) is that although it doesn’t require it, the game is not as good with less than four players. The creator went as far as to make special rules for a two-player game, but with less than four, it’s just not as much fun. But then again, I can say the same about a lot of games.

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“Was Meh. ”

This is a review not a description of play.

I’ll be straight forward and say I have played this game once. I will edit this review if my opinion changes. I did not really love it and neither did my wife. I would play again but only to appease the group I played it with who enjoy it.

The goodish.
1: Game would probably be enjoyed by kids. I think they would enjoy the theme.
2: Games with special characters and abilities can be fun.
3: Was easy to learn.

The not so Good.
1: The game is very gimmicky. The theme is unexciting for likely anyone over the age of 14.
2: This is hard to describe but the game is very childish and random. It is very “HAHA I THREW FOOD ON YOU! OH DANG YOU GOT ME I’M GONNA GET YOU BACK”, and that is really how people play it. If you win or are proactively mean everyone will gang up on you cause it’s “fun”.
3. My wife didn’t even like this game.

I believe part of my issues with this game is that i played with 6 people in their twenties. The theme didn’t fit our capacities. It just seemed odd for us to play a game that my 6 year nephew would like if he could read the cards on his own. No one there really put thought into their actions except me, which is how I won. The issue is unless you plan to play like a child you will blow everyone out of the water by putting a little thought into the game and winning.



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