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Zombicide: Toxic City Mall will introduce mall tiles combining building and street zones for a different perspective on lines of sight. There will be also four new survivors (including their Zombivor versions) with new skills, and the six Zombivor versions of the 2012 core game heroes.

The Toxic City Mall will also include new equipment cards (such as assault rifles, laser pointers or flamethrower) and new game modes: Toxic City Mall will introduce barricade rules, giant-sized rubble tokens to change your boards and Zombivor rules. Players will be able to lead these undead heroes against the zombie hordes, with totally new mechanics. Then there’s the Ultrared Mode, allowing players to gain new Skills after reaching the Red Danger Level, and super Ultrared weapons usable only by Red Level survivors.

Zombicide: Toxic City Mall components
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“A solid addition to an already great game.”

One of the best things about Zombicide is that you’re able to tweak the difficulty to suit your needs. This is due to who you’re playing with and how you play. For my friend and I, we originally liked it to be as hard as possible as we seemed to be dominating, however as soon as a third person was added to the mix we found ourselves splitting up with a whole new side of competition between everyone instead of tactical cooperation.

To be honest, Toxic City Mall doesn’t add a whole lot more to the original. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty to get you excited about, however the gameplay doesn’t change a whole heap as apparently it does with Season 2.

New zombies (with new cards) as well as new skills and a few new game mechanics (such as barricades and new buildings) is enough to make this worth getting if you’re a fan of Zombicide. The new element of toxicity makes it slightly harder considering you need to seriously stay away from the newer green models. If you’re not patient enough and try to fight zombies too early on in the game without decent weapons then the toxic zombies can be a serious problem, but otherwise aren’t too different from the original problems you encounter (such as reactivations).

Only half of the maps are playable without Season 2 (which I thought was odd) however the new tiles add a whole lot more of customization to maps and missions if you desire.

If you’re gonna buy this expasion for anything it will be the new survivors. After seeing the promotional characters online for ridiculous prices, buying this expansion for the 4 extra characters seems actually pretty worth it. The survivors you choose at the beginning of the game does in fact affect the entire mission so having more options is absolutely where players can feel like they’ve made good decisions and take more satisfaction away from this game.

The zombivivor mode is a cool little addition where if you die you still get to fight until you die… even more, however getting to the mode does feel a little disappointing since finishing with no wounded cards is a complete win in our eyes. And as always, there’s so many new rules which follow all the new content which, as you already know, can be time consuming looking up however since the Zombicide community is growing you can find what you’re looking for reasonably easily.

All-in-all definitely worth a buy before Season 2. Works as an expansion should so don’t expect massive changes, but enough changes to keep you excited about the game 🙂

Happy Zombie Hunting!

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“Quite nice improvements”

This extension for Zombicide adds some good elements to the basic game :

+ New interesting weapons. You’re now able to kill an abomination without molotov! halleluja! get a magnum, or auto-rifle, add laser sight on your gun… some interesting loot, but it would have been cool to add more craftable weapons and equipment.

+ The toxic zombies really require new tactics when entering game. In fact, when killed, they explode and hit every character on the same tile. That’s why most of the weapons added in extension are ranged weapons. Toxic zombies really add a lot of difficulty to the game. Notice that they’re only 29 toxic zombies added. And in most of the game i played, we ran out of figurines 🙁

+ The 4 new characters are interesting, but don’t revolutionize the gameplay. In fact, most of their abilities ever exist on old characters 🙁

+ The zombivore mod allow your character to come back as zombies when killed. zombie players have a lot more HP, but have 1 less action per turn. This rule is interesting when playing with friends, and there is a good feeling with zombie players gameplay. We really felt it slow but tanky.

– Some scenario added are interesting, but half of them can’t be played without Prison Outbreak base game.

– The price still seems to me a little high for the few content added.

If you’re fond of zombicide, just get it. It’s a good extension and the price shouldn’t dissuade you. If you don’t play Zombicide that much, keep your money!

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“Zombicide Just Got Real”

Unlike Zombicide: Season 2, Toxic City Mall is not a stand-alone sister game of the original Zombicide. Yet this expansion adds nearly as much new material to add to either stand alone Zombicide game you have.

1. Four new survivors and zombivor versions of them for a total of 8 miniatures. For more details on zombivor rules, check out my Season 2 review.

2. Six miniatures for zombivor versions of the characters of the original Zombicide. Which is nice, because now all the characters are on equal footing.

3. New equipment and zombie cards. These are simply added to the existing decks.

4. Rubble tokens. These are used to further customize the board by making the spaces they are placed on unpassable to both zombies and survivors.

5. Barricades. You may build barricades that block zombies while also allowing you to shoot over the barricades to eliminate the zombies.

6. Guidelines for scaling the game for when you want to play with seven or more players.

7. Four double-sided map tiles.

8. Ultrared variant. This expansion includes weapons and rules for playing the ultrarared variant. Once you level to the maximum, reset your marker to zero. You keep your skills, but now, as you level up, you can gain the skills you passed up the first time you went through the skill tree. Plus, you gain the ability to wield ultrared weapons once you leveled to red or ultrared level. If you get an ultrared weapon and can’t use it yet, you have the option of discarding it and gaining 5 experience immediately.

9. Toxic Zombies. Toxic City Mall comes with toxic versions of each type of standard zombie. The only difference is that if you kill a toxic zombie while you are standing in the same space as that zombie, it releases toxic spray in your face, resulting in one wound. A toxic abomination turns each standard zombie in the same space into a toxic zombie.

Although this expansion adds a lot of new things to the game, some of it doesn’t feel like it impacts the game very much, for example the new characters, the new map tiles, and the new equipment. This might be due to the fact that I already had a lot of experience with Season 2 by the time I played with Toxic City Mall, so Zombivors and barricades were nothing new to me and the new cards and tiles felt watered down by the combined cards from the original Zombicide and Season 2. Although it is ice to know how to scale the game for seven or more players, I doubt I will ever be in a situation where I will have to use the new rules, as 4 or 5 player games already take long enough to play through.

The two things that absolutely effect the gameplay are the toxic zombies and ultrared variant. When playing the utrared variant, picking up the extra skills and he ultrared weapons can make a huge impact in the late game. The toxic zombies add an entirely new level of difficulty to the game, especially when combined with Season 2. The reason being that you want to kill toxic zombies from a distance, but the berserker zombies included in Season 2 can only be killed by melee weapons. So, if a group of toxic zombies and a group of berserker zombies begin to travel together in one mob, the berserker zombies will protect the toxic zombies (since you have to kill the zombies in “priority order” instead of any order you wish) leaving the molotov the only effective way of killing that group of zombies.

Overall, this is a great expansion, especially if you are looking to increase the difficulty on your Zombicide experience and, if I had to pick, I would recommend picking up Toxic City Mall before Season 2 because Season 2 felt a little overwhelming and I think Toxic City Mall eases you into the new material a little smoother.

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“More Zombicide content, toxic!”

So, I was thinking what to buy next: Toxic Mall or something else. Considering I really like Zombicide I decided to go for the Toxic Mall. The Season 2 was too expensive and I thought that just Toxic Mall will be enough.
I don’t regret my decision :). It’s a great addition to the game. Some new map tiles(only 4), new zombie figurines, the zombivor mechanism, new characters and zombivor figurines for all characters, new weapons and some other new extra stuff here and there.
What I am most excited about:
1. The toxic figurines
2. The new characters
3. The new weapons
4. The new map tiles
5. Barricades

What I don’t like about it:
1. There are only 4 map tiles
2. Not very fond of the zombivor mechanism
3. The new zombie figurines are not as detailed as the Season 1 ones, but still a good amount of detail is present

All in all, it’s a great expansion, pretty expensive but it adds a lot to the game and the box is filled with goodies. If you love Zombicide(like I do) then you must have it!


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