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10 out of 10 gamers thought this was helpful

I got Ascension – Chronicle of the Godslayer a few weeks ago and I love it. It plays fast, it’s easy to teach someone new and it’s always fun. That’s why I thought of buying this expansion since it was also on sale.
First of all, I have to say it adds a lot to the game. The normal expansion I should have bought was Return of the Fallen, but I thought to get this one to add a little more new things to the game. So, I got Trophy monsters, Fate cards, Events and Soul Shards all at once. It takes the game to a whole new level.

The good
1. Lots of new cards
2. Lots of new mechanics
3. The soul shards mechanic is really nice
4. Pretty cheap

The bad
1. Some cards are printed faulty. I have I think 3 cards that are not looking nice and crisp as the others. Maybe it’s my set.
2. The graphics are still bad(even though I love the graphics for the events)
3. The game deck gets pretty big, so we usually play with more crystals than advised to be able to take advantage of some really nice combos.

The conclusion
All in all, it’s worth buying to spice your copy of ascension up. Adds a lot of new things. My advice is to take the games/expansions in order, so even the slow players can keep up with the rules and everything.

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23 out of 28 gamers thought this was helpful

I recently bought this game because I got bored of Thunderstone Advance so I thought I should give Ascension a chance. I am really glad I did.

The good
1. Really easy for beginners, pretty straight forward
2. You can start playing it in 10 min after you opened the box(easy to learn, not so many rules)
3. Easy to set-up
4. Good cards quality
5. Lots of great expansions for it

The bad
1. The artwork needs a lot of improvements. It just does not give you the any feeling about a theme
2. Some might not like the element of luck in the game.

The conclusion
All in all, this is a really good game. Probably I will play it a lot in the coming weeks. However if you know yourself to be a way-too-into-strategy type of person, you might not enjoy it because it is really easy for the other players(or the game) to mess up your plans.

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88 out of 103 gamers thought this was helpful

I bought this game because I didn’t had any deckbuilding games in my collection and after some research this seemed as the best option.
Even though I like it very much, it tends to be a little too long. It always takes us around 2 hours to finish the game and people at some point tend to be bored and not interested in the game anymore. Maybe this can be changed by adding less monsters in the dungeon deck.

The good
1. Nice theme.
2. Lots of cards.
3. Interesting scenarios in the rule book
4. Good quality
4. The idea of going to either the dungeon to fight or the village to buy/hire is really nice

The bad
1. It takes too long and people easily get bored with it.
2. Some elements of surprise missing.

The conclusion
All in all is a really nice game, is worth it if you have friends interested in boardgames and deckbuilders. However, if you are playing with new people it might bore them and you might not finish the game.
Me, personally I like it and don’t regret buying it 🙂

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94 out of 110 gamers thought this was helpful

So, I was thinking what to buy next: Toxic Mall or something else. Considering I really like Zombicide I decided to go for the Toxic Mall. The Season 2 was too expensive and I thought that just Toxic Mall will be enough.
I don’t regret my decision :). It’s a great addition to the game. Some new map tiles(only 4), new zombie figurines, the zombivor mechanism, new characters and zombivor figurines for all characters, new weapons and some other new extra stuff here and there.
What I am most excited about:
1. The toxic figurines
2. The new characters
3. The new weapons
4. The new map tiles
5. Barricades

What I don’t like about it:
1. There are only 4 map tiles
2. Not very fond of the zombivor mechanism
3. The new zombie figurines are not as detailed as the Season 1 ones, but still a good amount of detail is present

All in all, it’s a great expansion, pretty expensive but it adds a lot to the game and the box is filled with goodies. If you love Zombicide(like I do) then you must have it!

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64 out of 72 gamers thought this was helpful

To be honest I got a little bored by Carcassonne even though I have lots of expansions for it. There are other games which I would play in my free time.
However, this expansion really added something else. This whole 3D Carcassonne experience adds a lot to the game. The idea of building upwards, whenever you want, not depending on the tile you place is something import to take into consideration. Your farmers, the real money makers are in real danger now since they can easily lose ground at any point if a tower raises nearby.
Bottom line, it really makes you think more and yes, aggressive players will love it, but not only them.

The pieces quality is pretty good, the wooded tiles are nicely done and the tower to hold the tile is really nice, however it’s pretty small so playing with some big expansions will not fit into it. 🙁

All in all, I recommend the expansion to not only the Carcassonne fans, but to everyone who once liked the game but got bored with it over time.

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104 out of 125 gamers thought this was helpful

So, I wanted to add a zombie game to my boardgame collection. After a few reviews and some more research I was between ZPocalypse and Zombicide. Since I am writing this review, obviously I went for Zombicide.
The game is so good! The figurines are very very detailed(the abomination has a small camera on his neck, probably he was a photographer 🙂 ).
The rules are very easy and straight forward. Even though there are some with which people do not agree, like shooting survivors first, then zombies, everything feels logical and intuitive.
If you like the zombie theme then this is going to be a treat. Through out the whole game you really feel like you are in a zombie movie and you have to survive somehow. It is a feeling hard to describe but the conclusion is that the game is rich in atmosphere.
The expansions are really nice also, so you can always improve the experience. There are 10 scenarios in the rule book you receive and many more online and the nice thing is that each scenario makes things way different. Like, sometimes you will have to neutralize zombie spawn points, sometimes get out of an area, sometimes gather food, etc etc. This adds a lot of diversity to the game.
To keep this short: if you want a great game, with cool, detailed miniatures, easy to learn and with lots of zombies, this is the one :).

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100 out of 143 gamers thought this was helpful

We(me and my girlfriend) got this game exactly when it came up. We thought it will be really interesting and it was. The first impression you get when you open the box is already of good quality and intriguing mechanisms. The rotating wheels are something that really attracts people into playing the game. All my friends know the game as the “rotating-wheels game” :).
The game is of medium complexity since there are lots of mechanism and lots of ways to win points but everything feels natural and logical. Even though my girlfriend is not one to like complex games, this one is one of her favorites.
The replay-ability of the game is also very high. Since there are lots of ways to win points, that means that are lots of ways to go though the game. There is nothing mandatory that needs to be done every game if you want to win. You can simply choose your own way of playing each time.
I really recommend this game!

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70 out of 101 gamers thought this was helpful

Really nice! I really like this game. It’s like a Fantasy chess. The abilities are really nice for each deck and every race is unique somehow.
The pieces are good quality and it’s pretty easy to learn. The nice thing is that for each race you have to figure out a synergy. The races that come with the box are really nice and the ones you can buy separately are even nicer.
Even my girlfriend likes it 😀
Do not forget to buy sleeves for the cards since they will be used a lot.

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