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Kill the Unicorns

A game of bluff with some management, very easy to learn, i would recommend playing this with 3 other players, the 2 players version being quite boring.

Games are fun and quick (15-20 minutes) and you will probably want to play and play again, adapting to other players strategy and bluff skills.

+ Great and fun illustrations.
+ simple but very effective concept.
+ Player mats included in the base game are amazing.

– Sleeved cards will not fit in the the box anymore.

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This extension for Zombicide adds some good elements to the basic game :

+ New interesting weapons. You’re now able to kill an abomination without molotov! halleluja! get a magnum, or auto-rifle, add laser sight on your gun… some interesting loot, but it would have been cool to add more craftable weapons and equipment.

+ The toxic zombies really require new tactics when entering game. In fact, when killed, they explode and hit every character on the same tile. That’s why most of the weapons added in extension are ranged weapons. Toxic zombies really add a lot of difficulty to the game. Notice that they’re only 29 toxic zombies added. And in most of the game i played, we ran out of figurines 🙁

+ The 4 new characters are interesting, but don’t revolutionize the gameplay. In fact, most of their abilities ever exist on old characters 🙁

+ The zombivore mod allow your character to come back as zombies when killed. zombie players have a lot more HP, but have 1 less action per turn. This rule is interesting when playing with friends, and there is a good feeling with zombie players gameplay. We really felt it slow but tanky.

– Some scenario added are interesting, but half of them can’t be played without Prison Outbreak base game.

– The price still seems to me a little high for the few content added.

If you’re fond of zombicide, just get it. It’s a good extension and the price shouldn’t dissuade you. If you don’t play Zombicide that much, keep your money!

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