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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“New characters ideas”

This is a list of character ideas you can add to your games. I didn’t try them all yet, and i will sometimes update this list, adding new roles and deleting the one not working or ruining some fun.

The illusionist : When power activated, you take back, shuffle and deal again all other roles. It is quite an interesting character when you feel that roles are too easy to identify.

The little red ridding hod, and the wolf : When the little red ridding hod activates his power, the player gains 5 golds. But, the wolf can activate its power too. If the wolf power is activated, the wolf gains 5 golds instead of the red ridding hod.

The chaplain : when its power is activated, put a glass at the center of the table. every player owning at least 1 coin have to shoot a coin in the glass. If a player succeed, he can take back his coin. All coin failed go to the chaplain.

The banker : when its power is activated, the banker can save up to 5 coins for the rest of the game. powers can’t steal these coins until game ending. Not really cool to play with many coin stealers (thief etc…).

The police officer : you can only activate its power when a player is being stolen pieces by another player. You get the stolen coins + 1 more from the thief. Then switch (or not) your role and the thief one.

The Professor (new) : when its power is activated, the professor choose a theme (it can be be anything, an african country, or a beer name). Then, starting with the one at the left of the professor, all other players have to give a correct answer to the theme. The first one failing have to give 4 gold coins to the professor.

The Unlucky (new) : If a player reveals this card, he lose all his gold coins.

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“Defense is the Strongest Offense”

This game provides many moments when the best choice of action is to prevent another player from winning rather than advancing yourself. Being one turn from the victory means nothing if someone has already achieved it. Often, this involves defensive actions from multiple players to work. Unless your next move will win you the game, look ahead a few players and make sure that nobody else is one move from winning. If someone is, you need to apply a strategy that will hamper this, usually by swapping cards with that person and at least making them guess their role.

This strategy is dependent on multiple players adhering to it. Swapping cards to confuse the leader is most useful when a group effort is applied. If most of the group is playing straightforward and only trying to win, and not to not lose, then most of the game’s infrastructure devolves to luck.

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“Mascarade and beer!!!!”

DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME WHEN DRUNK!!!!well actually it is hilarious trying to remember what card you have just swapped!!!
Best thing to do is don’t even attempt to swap..bluff is more fun…
This tip!!! only works in the drunk version of the game 🙂

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