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Rum and Bones

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Rum & Bones is a miniatures board game where players control fantastic pirate crews engaged in fierce combat. Inspired by MOBA style video games, Rum & Bones’ gameplay is deep, fast-paced, and highly strategic. The game pits two pirate factions, controlled by 2 to 6 players, whose ships are locked in combat, with each crew attempting to board the enemy ship and disable it.

Rum and Bones miniatures

Each ship’s single-minded crew of Deckhands and Bosuns charge headlong across the gangplanks to attack key deck features on the enemy ship. These lowly crewmen are not directly controlled by the players. They form a constantly-replenishing mob of pirates charging towards the enemy, but the crews are evenly matched, so it’s up to the player-controlled Heroes to shift the tide of battle!

Rum and Bones gameplay

Each faction has five types of Heroes at their disposal: Captain, Quartermaster, Swashbuckler, Gunner and Brute. Each of these roles has its own general place in the battle. However, each Hero is still unique, with their own set of attacks, abilities, and reactions to crush the enemy or give their crew the push they need!

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“Arragh, Walk the Plank!”

Cool mini or not did it again. This time on the seven seas. When I saw the mini’s available for this game I had to back it, and now that I have it, I will say they did not disappoint.

A very different and fun game from other mini’s games I have.

You play one of two ship captains and you each try to board the others ship and tear it down piece by piece while you deckhands and bosans, mindlessly follow orders and fight to the death.

The key to the game is choosing your heros. You get five of them, each having different powers, some defensive some offensive. You build up a wealth of coins and as the coins raise, you can use you more powerful skills and weapons.

As you crew barrels forward on to your opponents ship you need to figure out how to get over to knock out the cannon that is ripping apart your men or know out the mast or wheel. Each thing you take out will add to your powers and get you closer to victory.

Can’t get over the gang planks fast enough? Jump on the rigging and swing to victory but don’t push it too far or you end up in the drink!

Just when you thought the violence was getting to bloody, what is that I see? A Sea Dragon or Kraken, rears it’s ugly head trying to make your life miserable. Although deadly, if you take him our you are already one third of the way to your victory. And you gain more abilities as well.

Knock out six victory points of ship or sea creature and you are the winner. But the most fun part is trying to pick a team that has the power combo’s that will help you accomplish this and the art and figures on these characters are amazing!!!

Next game I am sending the **** Rokkers off to Sea. A “Band” of Pirates that are **** Bent for Leather, and Ready to Rock with some Cold Gin in hand. Looking forward to my next expansions too, to see what the Orient might bring to the Seven Seas. Batten down the Hatches!!!


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