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Mascarade Expansion

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The Masquerade resumes anew! Will you succumb to the charms of the Courtesan, or the spells of the Necromancer?

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“Adds excellent variety to the base game”

The base game of Mascarade is a wonderful stew of player-driven social chaos, and the Mascarade Expansion gives players old and new even more ways to tweak the game to their tastes. Players can either add more chaos (Alchemist, Puppet Master) or less (Princess, Sage) as well as a variety of other money gaining (Gambler, Patron) or role shenanigan (Actress, Usurper, Necromancer) cards.

A welcome addition are two roles that can be played with 6+ players in addition to more 8+ player roles. All too often I’ve had enough players to make Mascarade a good choice, but not enough to add any of the fun 8+ roles. These new roles add some nice, interesting variety that can be used in lower player counts.

Ultimately, if you’re a fan of Mascarade you owe yourself a try of this expansion, as it offers even more variety. It might even change your mind if you weren’t quite a fan to begin with, as it gives even more avenues to tweak the game to your tastes.


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