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Resident Evil DBG: Mercenaries - Board Game Box Shot

Resident Evil DBG: Mercenaries

| Published: 2012
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Resident Evil Deck Building Game: Mercenaries, a stand-alone game that also functions as an expansion for any Resident Evil DBG title, brings the Mercenaries theme to life, giving your characters brand new Skill cards to be used in any style of play. Draft Skill cards at the beginning of a game to give your Character a completely different play style.

Your character will learn from those failures and successes as you continue to play, using that experience to activate the Skills they have to give them an edge in battle.

Mercenaries also introduces three different Mansions with three different challenges. Will you face the unruly Ganados horde, the creepy Illuminados, or the onslaught of Majini? Each Mansion attacks the player in a different way, leaving a multitude of combinations for ultimate replay value!

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I Am What I Am
Rated 10 Games
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“Good as a stand alone great as an expansion”

This expansion adds some flavor to the Resident Evil DBG. The addition of three new mansion decks is very nice as it gives you three very different game play situations. The most fun from the expansion has to be the drafting of additional skills for the new characters though. This gives each character a unique build that you enjoy and it is limited only by your ability to draft well. Although the game is alright as a stand alone it should be said that it plays much better as a expansion for the original game. Some of the action cards from the original are sorely need. Without them many deck builds lack the action point generation to make the decks function well. All in all this expansion is a really great addition to our collection and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the original.


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