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Summoner Wars

46 out of 53 gamers thought this was helpful

Seriously, I am playing at least 5 games of Summoner Wars on my iPad and/or iPhone a day.

I have the complete collection of the tabletop version, but there is not always someone to play a game with, so I immediately turn to this app. It is an amazing representation of the actual game, and with some of the visual elements (like highlighting cards you can play vs non-highlight of cards you can’t) it is somewhat faster to learn the game through the iOS version.

The app is not complete with all of the Factions/Reinforcement/Second Summoner cards, but the company that makes the iOS version is working on updates to include them. Also, there are plenty of online tournaments you can get into via Plaid Hat Games forums, the official one of which pays out a gift certificate to their store!

I encourage anyone to try this game; it is very intuitive and user friendly. You’ll find it very hard to put down, too.

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Summoner Wars

57 out of 64 gamers thought this was helpful

Summoner Wars is a simple enough game to learn, but has a never-ending replay value and immense depth.

I am a long-time HeroClix player who was looking to find a game with similar elements, but without all the rules headaches that have came recently. Many people have tried getting me into Magic: The Gathering, but I don’t want to spend tons of money to play a competitive game. Summoner Wars, too me, is the best parts of those games without all of the negatives.

The Faction decks, when bought, are ready to play and are already competitive. Sure, you can go buy more Factions, Second Summoner and Reinforcement decks to build the best, but you don’t have to. This game can stay as simple or be as diverse as you want it to be.

Summoner Wars is truly a great game that offers a new story each time you play.

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Phase 10

48 out of 56 gamers thought this was helpful

Not everyone likes to play complex games that take time to set up. If you are looking for an easy game to learn and play with family or non-hardcore gamers, this is a good choice.

There are 10 different goals (or phases) you are trying to get to win the game (i.e. run of 4, set of 3; 7 cards of same color). You must do each phase in order and the first one to complete all 10 wins the game. Play moves around the table and players pick up cards from the stack and discard to get the desired cards.

The more people you can get to play, the better the game is (and the longer it takes). It can get old if you play it frequently, but is great for a change-up.

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