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Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy

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Check out the NEW Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy Expansion for the Legendary Deck Building Game! This expansion consists of 100 all new playable cards and a Color Rule Sheet. All NEW content consists of 5 heroes, 2 new villain groups and 2 Masterminds. Find all new original art featuring 4 pieces of unique art per hero! This is not a standalone product, a Core Set (including Villains) is required for game play.

Guardians of the Galaxy is easy to learn and features incredible original artwork of Marvel Heroes and Villains. Players can create their own powerful combos on the fly, combining their hero's awesome abilities to take down the Marvel Masterminds. Legendary: Guardians is a fast paced game full of strategy, depth, fun and replay-ability. Innovative Mastermind mechanics allow the game itself to fight back against the players.

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“Fun add-on…but HARD!”

With the Guardians movie out, I couldn’t resist getting this expansion to play with my kids (who also love the movie). This expansion didn’t disappoint. The artwork was much more derivative of the comic than of the movie (which I suppose is the point of the whole game anyway). The characters are cool…with interesting abilities that the standard didn’t have. Starlord, Groot, Rocket, Drax, and Gamora are all there. I found Starlord and Groot the most useful. That’s not just because I loved those two characters in the movie, but because their cards have the most useful attributes.

The two new Masterminds added, the Kree Mastermind and Thanos are pretty intriguing and tough. I’ve played with the “Forge the Infinity Guantlet” Scheme several times, with Thanos as the Mastermind and I will say…it’s really tough.

A new mechanic is added to the game in “artifacts”. They play like regular hero ability cards, but once they are played the first time they stay on the table and the player gains the benefit of the card for the rest of the game (usually 1 use per turn). The Infinity Gems as a Villain group are interesting because rather than becoming a trophy like a regular villain, they get added to the players draw pile as an artifact…and they have pretty strong abilities that can help a lot. The rub, however, is that when a Twist comes from the villain deck, a player usually winds up having to return the Infinity Gem to the street as an active villain again.

Another new mechanic is “shards”…presumably pieces of the Infinity Gems that have limited and exhaustible power. Through the hero abilities and artifacts, players earn shards which can be traded for a combat bonus against villains or the Mastermind. Returning to Thanos as a Mastermind, it’s nearly impossible to win the game without a big accumulation of shards…which can take quite a while.

When I first played through, I did solo missions so I could get familiar enough with the cards to explain them to my kids. I lost pretty quickly. The power of the Masterminds is intended to be substantially harder than ordinary villains…but I found that they might be a bit too strong. Randomizing heroes to include those that are not from the expansion does make the game even harder. I haven’t played with just the X-men or another group against Thanos, but I can see that without using at least one of the Guardians heroes in the team you won’t have a very good chance of defeating the Mastermind. It was also nice to have more heroes to play with for variety…though the shard mechanic is so tightly connected to the hero abilities that they might not be particularly well suited to be part of random assignment of heroes on a regular basis.

All in all, this was an inexpensive add-on to a game I already like. I’d like to see the artifact mechanic come back in another expansion…that adds a dimension to the game I really liked.


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