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Zombie Dice 3: School Bus - Board Game Box Shot

Zombie Dice 3: School Bus

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The living call it the School Bus. The zombies call it a lunch wagon.

Add the School Bus die to your Zombie Dice game for all sorts of craziness! The School Bus is full of tasty brains, but those kids are packing shotguns, too. You might find yourself chowing down on a brain buffet, chasing runners off the bus, getting run over, or getting double-shotgunned!

This is an expansion for Zombie Dice. It is not a stand-alone game.

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“Get On the Bus, In the Driver we trust!”

I’ve loved Zombie dice from the beginning but oh my goodness do I love playing with the bus. Not only do you get a unique die to represent the bus, complete with a turn ending stop sign on one side, but you get so much variety in possible outcomes while riding the bus. from the super awesome triple brains to the triple shotgun, a side that turns all feet into brains, a side that turns shotgun blasts into feet, 2 brains and one shotgun blast, etc… When playing with the bus, and both the dice from the Double Feature expansion, things can just get crazy!. i highly recommend the School bus. and remember kids, always thank the driver.

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“I always play with the school bus ”

I personally feel that this particular expansion is a must buy for Zombie Dice fans. Zombie Dice 2 does have its moments but this one really takes the game to another level. While I wouldn’t recommend rookie players to play with the School Bus dice right away, it is something that veteran players will really appreciate because it really creates a brand new aspect to the game. As a matter of fact, I feel more into character as a zombie every time I bring in the School Bus dice because each roll can represent a special scenario. Whether you get a stop, dead end or yield, it all feels very logical in an actual scenario and that aspect of the game makes it feel very very fun. Once I got the expansion, I roll the School Bus dice every time to make it more action packed. This is a MUST BUY for Zombie Dice fans!!


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