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Seventh Hero - Board Game Box Shot

Seventh Hero

| Published: 2014
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When evil rises, seven heroes will join to oppose it!

The Prophecy of Kear has long warned of Maedoc the Corruptor’s return. The inhuman, malevolent entity known as Maedoc seeks to twist the hearts of men to his will and reshape the world in his own warped image. Now Maedoc has awakened from this millennial slumber, and will once more stretch his dark hand upon the earth. But the Prophecy also speaks of seven heroes who will defeat Maedoc. These brave souls are bound by destiny to uncover the Corruptor’s plots, seek out his lair, and put an end to his schemes. Across the land, those who know of the Prophecy are presenting themselves as heroes of legend – and Maedoc’s minions pose as heroes in order to find the true seven and eliminate them.

The deck in Seventh Hero consists of cards numbered 1 to 7, each number representing a different hero. During the game, players will send cards around, face down, with some hints to what card it is. Players take turns choosing whether to recruit the hero or pass. The player who has six of the seven heroes immediately wins the game, otherwise the player with the most heroes when the deck runs out of cards wins.

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“Fun, quick and with a fair amount of strategy”

There are a lot of heroes in the world, and a dark force is trying to stop them from forming. That’s as much theme as there is to this game.

There are 7 heroes and you’re trying to collect 6 of them face up in front of you, if you do, you’ve collected 6 of the “True Heroes” and you’re the 7th. Or something.

The game is very simple, every round you turn over the top card of the discard pile and it’ll reveal a rule you have to follow by playing a card from your hand. This might be “Rank below 4” or “Odd Numbered Rank” or “Greater Than The Number Of Players”. If you have a card that follows that rule in your hand you play it face down without showing your opponents and pass it to the left. The player to your left now has a choice, they can keep the card or they can pass it.
If you keep it you reveal the card to the whole table and put it in front of you. BUT, if you already have one of the same Rank(number/role) the two heroes declare each other to be Imposters and kill each other.
That is to say: If you reveal a number that you already have in front of you, discard both.
If you choose to pass the card you’re safe, but the player to your left now has the same choice. If the card gets back to the player who started passing it they get to keep it no matter what.

The strategy that is in this game is all about having the right card in your hand when you have to play a card, and being able to bluff your way into either keeping it for yourself or giving it to an opponent who already has it to bust them. It’s not a deep strategy, but it is what it is.

Of course, each of the cards also has a power associated with it that helps you in some way. One card lets you look at the card before you decide if you’ll keep it or pass it, one lets you discard the card being passed around. Another lets you say “Ben, you MUST pass that card”(Ben being the name of the guy that always wins in your group. And in my group too.) So, all the cards have a special power that can be used once, and there’s a card that lets you “refresh” the power of another card that you’ve already used. This adds to the strategy as you’re trying to balance keeping the powers ready to use and using those powers.

It’s a quick game that still allows for table talk and which flows pretty quickly and it has a little bit of thinking to it too, as you can try and outthink your opponent and what card they must have put down.

Overall it’s a lot of fun, the card quality is nice and it’s easy to play and to learn. If you’re looking for a deep strategy this isn’t the game for you, but if you want something that’s good for 3-4 players and scratches the same sort of itch as Love Letter, this is worth a look.

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“Nice, quick game”

You need to build a deck (up face) of 7 warriors. Each one has special abilities, and you pass cards from your hand that meet certain conditions. The receiving player can turn up, or keep passing. You can use the abilities of characters you have face up to “interrupt” passes/moves, etc. in order to try to exert control over who gets which card, when, etc.
This is a good simple game that we played “in between” games during our MeetUp.
No major advice … I took a lot of chances flipping up passed cards, and lucked out. (actually it was my x-ray vision, but that’s a secret). So, it helps to calculate odds given what’s up, in your hand, etc. but not absolutely necessary I think.


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