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64 out of 72 gamers thought this was helpful

When I first played Quantum, I found the game laid out in front of me quite daunting.
I’m no master of strategy, and this seemed like a game which required a lot of it.
In Quantum players roll dice and place them in various galaxies in a bid to colonise planets, winning by reaching a certain number first.
The numbers on each players dice represent the type of ship they have deployed, each ship has a different set of movements and behaves differently in battle.
I compare the game to chess, mainly because of the way in which players move ships and how placement is so important.
The game adds variety by factoring in ‘buff’ cards earned through research which can change how players deploy ships or engage in battle.
Some may find it difficult to initially get their head around the movement rules, but once understood, this is a fun and rewarding play.
Cards and location tiles are high quality however I expected a little more from the player boards, and the edition I played suffered from ‘sticky dice’ which after some research appears to be quite common in this game.
However don’t be put off by minor component issues and give this game a go.

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Arkham Horror

75 out of 99 gamers thought this was helpful

Arkham Horror is a co-operative game steeped in atmosphere and heavily themed around Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos.
The game can seem daunting to newcomers as there are hundreds of pieces and a lot of rules to remember, but at its core it is relatively simple to learn, and if playing with an experienced player, newbies can pick up gameplay relatively quickly.
This is by far my favourite co-op game, it’s big, provokes discussion and planning amongst players and there is very little downtime between turns. Due to playeres skillsets being so different and ever-changing unpredictable scenarios, quarterbacking is not common in this game.
The vanilla edition comes with a number of ancient ones (bosses) to defeat and you may find yourself regularly coming back to do battle with different ancient ones whom change gameplay.
It’s tough to beat and you’ll rarely win, but you’ll have fun losing at Arkham Horror.

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12 out of 22 gamers thought this was helpful

I recommend purchasing this expansion if you’re a fan of the base game of Spartacus. It adds a lot to the game at a good price and makes an already good game better. First off, the addition of two new houses means you can now play with six players and the houses play once again differently to the base ones.
The addition of the Primus is brilliant, four players can now do battle in the arena which eradicates down time previously experienced by other players in the battle phase.
New and replacement cards are included tightening up the entire experience.
Essential purchase if you own Spartacus.

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