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Resident Evil DBG: Alliance - Board Game Box Shot

Resident Evil DBG: Alliance

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Resident Evil DBG: Alliance is a stand-alone expansion that can be played on its own or with the top selling Resident Evil DBG.

In this stand-alone expansion, play with new additional characters such as Hunk, Carlos Oliveira, Steve Burnside, Josh Stone or Billy Coen. New weapons, actions and infected have been added to this set to create even more powerful combinations and dangers. Alliance also introduces the new PARTNER Mode of play where you take on the Mansion with not just one character but two!

In Resident Evil, a deadly virus has caused the dead to rise and infect any living thing they encounter! Fleeing to a mysterious mansion, you must gather any materials you can find to protect yourself and fight for your survival against a legion of infected beings!

The Resident Evil DBG brings the story to life in a game of strategy where players construct their cards decks while they play. Choose one of your favorite characters from Resident Evil such as: Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, or Albert Wesker among others. Players start with only the most basic of items and weapons. As the game progresses, players build their arsenal with additional Weapons, Ammunition, Action or Item cards to customize their deck and improve their ability in defeating “the Infected”! Your deck will be your lifeline to survival. How will you survive the zombie outbreak?

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“Better as an expansion than a standalone game.”

The Resident Evil DBG is a fun game, but not without its flaws. One of the biggest was that there were only 2 cards in the Mansion deck with more than 40 health, meaning that characters could safely face almost everything in the deck rather early in the game. Alliances fixes that problem with several new higher-health enemies, including the scaling Los Illuminados Monk who starts weak if revealed early and becomes the devourer of worlds by the endgame, an Action card that allows players to increase health and damage of Infected revealed by other players, and Event cards in the mansion that can result in a player fighting two Infected at once, or shooting an explosive barrel and blowing their own face off. If you are anything like me, that last event will be funny every single time it happens.

The other major addition to the game is Partner mode, where a player controls two characters at once. One is the main character, and the other is the “partner”, who can attach weapons to use again and again without discarding or actions to provide an additional effect each turn, but who dies permanently if their health hits zero. That last part is my biggest problem with this mode; you can choose to lead an Explore with your partner and have them take the damage, but it’s just too risky to do so with any character with less than 90 or so health, because you know as soon as you decide to lead with your partner, she’s going to open up a door on the boss monster and get ripped in half, or be severely wounded and risk death from incidental damage on other monsters before you can heal her. Having cards attached to your partner is powerful, but scenarios with partners also have Action cards that provide excellent card drawing if yours died.

The expansion is advertised as being standalone, but unfortunately, the tools it provides for players just aren’t enough to deal with the increased difficulty. Health and damage on Infected are overall higher, but the average power level of Alliances-only weapons is a bit lower. Well, with the exception of the flamethrower, which is so disgustingly good in partner mode I recommend groups not use it as it is all reward, no risk or cost. Worse still is that as far as I saw, the only way to “trash” or remove cards from your deck entirely included in Alliances is a single action card which trashes a single card from your hand when used, without drawing cards beforehand to fill it, and does not trash itself upon use — it is entirely possible to have them all bought out, and end with no way of ridding cards from your deck, and even if you have one or two you won’t be clearing it very fast or with very much control. And some of the characters provided are so weak as to be useless, with a couple who only work in partner mode, one of whom is still terrible even in partner mode!

When mixed and matched with cards from the core set, the Alliances cards provide more interesting options for players and deeper, more challenging gameplay. On their own, however, they’re all sauce with no steak to pour it on.

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“Good expansion”

I loved the first Resident evil DBG and Alliance is a pretty good addition giving you the option to partner up with two characters while you explore the mansion or fight each other.

The draw backs are some of the weapons and characters seem unbalanced and the partner action cards don’t help since the character cards are unbalanced. I personally just mix certain cards from the first two sets to help. Oh and also unless you play with 5 to 8 people you will have a lot of ammo cards. There are also treasure cards which I don’t use that often due to needing ammo for the weapons.

On a lighter note I like the expansion I think it adds more to the base game the mansion deck is stronger and more weapons is a plus, and I loved Hunk as a character of the video games, so I am not to disappointed with the expansion.

In my opinion if you would have to choose either the first Resident evil DBG or Resident evil Alliance DBG I would get the first game but if you are a crazy resident evil fan like myself you will probably get both.


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