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“Don't deal out characters, draft them.”

Like the main game, the rulebook says to just deal characters out to players, and what you’re dealt is what you got — which can suck especially hard in Partner mode because not only can you get stuck with a loser, your opponents can get dealt into characters that synergize, and you can get characters that want totally different things.

If you’re mixing Alliances and the base game, as you should, try drafting your characters for partner mode instead. Shuffle all 20 characters together and deal out 8 face-up on the table. Going in turn order, each player picks one character, and then the remaining 4 are discarded. Then deal out 8 new characters on the table, and have players pick them in reverse turn order (so the previous #4 is #1, etc.) 4 characters will never come up, and each player gets only 1 from each batch of 8, but can still try to get a team that works together.

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