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Smash Up: Munchkin - Board Game Box Shot

Smash Up: Munchkin

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Clever Distraction

History records many great pairings. Death and taxes. Peanut butter and chocolate. Cats and cheeseburgers. Now we’ve smashed up Munchkin with Smash Up!

Smash Up: Munchkin brings you eight entirely new factions: Warriors, Clerics, Mages, Rogues, Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings, each with their own unique style of play. Not only that, but Smash Up: Munchkin also introduces two entirely new card types:


Monsters add to the breakpoint of bases and provide new challenges for your minions. But they also reward…

Boots of Running Really Fast

Treasures, which add new minions and actions to your deck, giving you all new effects outside of your normal faction combos.

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“More Fun”

This expansion and the Cthulu expansions were by far my least favorite pre-purchase. Had no interest in either of these and I actually did not plan on buying them.
After a recent gift card given to us, I got on the web and found this for less than $12. I was stoked and purchased it.

We just played it over our lunch break and I was really impressed with it.
I was Warrior-Thieves and won the game. The monsters and treasures played well.
There is A LOT going on but it is still fun.

Happy Smashing


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