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89 out of 103 gamers thought this was helpful

Tichu is a ladder-style trick taking card game played with partners (two teams). The goal of the game is 1000 points (although for a lunch game, maybe play to 500). How do you get points? All 5s are worth 5 points, 10s and Kings are worth 10 points, the Dragon is worth 25 points, and the Phoenix is -25 points. You can always call a Tichu (you’re betting 100 points that you can get rid of all of your cards first) or Grand Tichu (a bet of 200 points that with limited information, you can be the first player to play all of their cards).

What’s great about Tichu is that there are many ways to screw over your opponents or take control of a hand that nobody saw coming with a bomb (four of a kind: four 8s for example OR a straight-flush: at least five cards of the same suit in a row – 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10). Tichu is a game about hight stress and wild swings of emotion, so lots of cheering or loud groans, depending on what just happened. This is one of those games that can sweep through an office and soon everyone is playing.

Sound complicated yet? That’s why I rated this game 3 Stars on Easy to Learn… but once people pick up on the rules (which generally takes a game or two), then there is a deeper game right below the surface.

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65 out of 103 gamers thought this was helpful

Although it’s easy to play this game with your own paper and pens, I find that this game does a great job of helping people that have not played before. On every page, it will say “Sketch It” or “Guess It”, which is especially handy with a slightly inebriated group. This game has been a hit at many parties and family gatherings, so I almost always have it in my traveling bag of games.

My only slight beef with the game is that some of the dry-erase markers that came packaged with the game were bone-dry, so we substituted Crayola Markers until I could go out and pick up some more markers.

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Summoner Wars

46 out of 56 gamers thought this was helpful

It’s great having Summoner Wars at my beck-and-call whenever I want to get in a quick game. It’s also very satisfying to build a new deck and have it work well. I’m actually quite terrible against other humans, but I still enjoy the game, even if I lose.

My only issue with the game is that when I play it on my iPhone, sometimes I accidentally attack my own guys instead of healing them or use an event card on the wrong card (I really didn’t mean to give my opponent a buff that makes it harder to hit them). Even when I happen to do the wrong thing or target the wrong card, some mistakes can be quite funny. I just imagine my summoner getting flustered and shooting off a spell that hits the wrong team, and then sending his troops forward to their inevitable doom against a champion that was unexpectedly stronger or harder to hit.

Right now the app has eight factions including all the reinforcements for each, so when you’re looking to customize a deck, you have quite a few options, including mercenaries. So if you’re looking for a tactical minis game that plays quickly, but with a plethora of options, definitely check out the Summoner Wars app on the iOS.

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