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Gloom: Unfortunate Expeditions - Board Game Box Shot

Gloom: Unfortunate Expeditions

| Published: 2009
Expansion for Gloom
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The Game of Inauspicious Incidents and Grave Consequences

In the Gloom card game, you make your eccentric family of misfits suffer the greatest tragedies possible before helping them pass on to the well-deserved respite of death. Just mix the 55 transparent cards in this set together with your copy of Gloom to add morbid new Modifiers, Events, and Untimely Deaths, and a new family of intrepid explorers who've faced misfortune across the globe. These days Colonel Bumpersnoot is really more of a bargain hunter, while Lady Bumpersnoot struggles with high society -- but she always loves to have guests for dinner. Their Towering Treehouse is included as a Residence card to use with the Unhappy Homes expansion.

NEW RULES: Unfortunate Expeditions introduces Expeditions into the game. Set the new Expedition cards to one side. When you play a Modifier or Untimely Death with an Expedition symbol, resolve the immediate effects of the card, then place that Expedition in the center of the table. Only one Expedition can be in play at a time, so it replaces the current Expedition, if there is one. An Expedition's rules affect all players as long as it's in play. Some cards also have special effects that occur if a particular Expedition is already in play when they're played.

Adds 1 player.

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“Spicing things up”

So, are you getting bored with your original Gloom? Do you know all the mishaps without even reading at your cards? Get ready for some more spice!

In this expansion our families are heading out in the big world, more specifically on different expeditions. During these expeditions unexpected things will happen (read: rules will change) making the game more intricate and obviously funnier to play! A new feature is that some of the modifier cards will have a stronger effect if played during certain expeditions which makes strategical planning hard to avoid! That is something I really like about “Unfortunate Expeditions”! However, as the new deck is shuffled with the original one there will be lots of “normal” modifiers that you can use if you are looking to avoid making it more strategical!


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