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“Achievements = More replay value”

As with many of the digital games, I’ve found that those companies which add more achievements really are adding more replay value to their product, and Neuroshima Hex is no exception. Right now with all the armies unlocked, I’ve got 89 more reasons to keep on playing the game. I think that achievements tap into my inner competitive gamer and give a lot of incentives to keep NH on my phone. It’s a lot of fun to play with games taking around 5 minutes, and the achievements help keep my eyes on the prize (right now I’m going for “Pandemic: Use venom 100 times.” Let’s go Nightshade!)

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“Android rules helper”

The Android version (not sure about the iOS version) has a slider that is easy to miss, when playing it is located at the left and you tap or slide it out to reveal a menu that has a info mode that lets you tap tiles for info on what they do. Very helpful and better then pressing pause and going back to the rules from the main menu.

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