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Descent: The Road to Legend - Board Game Box Shot

Descent: The Road to Legend

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In the darkest of night burns the glimmer of hope. When foul Overlords rise up to blot out the sun and enslave all living things to their infernal will, great heroes always rise up to oppose them… and now, you must be those heroes.

Venture forth from the peaceful town of Tamalir and journey into the darkness beneath the earth. Search for clues in the twilight beneath the trees in forgotten forests. Brave the horrors of treacherous swamps. Uncover new treasures, learn powerful new skills, and rise to dizzying heights of power.

But beware… the Overlord will not sit idle…

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“Descent: Journeys in the Dark campaign”

This expansion of Descent: Journeys in the Dark takes the game and makes it into a campaign (with Avatars, Lieutenants, Plots, more Treasures, more Traps, Feats, more Skills, and more more more). This is a great game.

My friends and I have created expansions to this game as well… we created new monsters, new skills, new maps, new feats, new avatars, new lieutenants, new abilities, new dungeons, new dungeon locations, new everything.


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