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Gap-filling fun!

Piece by piece, players try to build on their board skilfully. But mind the gap! And if a piece does not fit perfectly, slot it in as best you can. The game is not yet over and the next piece will surely fit better, won’t it? FITS is rapidly played, and with just a few rules offers lots of entertainment – non-stop stop-gap playing fun!

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“Yes, it is kinda like Tetris, but there is alot more going on....”

Along with 16 plastic game pieces shaped like those from Tetris, players get 4 scoring boards with rows of white dots on them, a board holder, and a random starting card showing which of the game pieces they must use to start the round.

The basic premise of the game is to slide your 16 pieces one at a time onto a board while leaving the least amount of gaps in the rows as you can. Cards with shapes that match your game pieces will be turned over one at a time and each player slides their matching piece onto their board, orienting their piece as best they can to complete rows and leave the least amount of gaps. The more complete rows you can build with no gaps, the more points you score.

Do this for all four boards and whoever has the most points wins. Now, this would be mind numbingly repetitive after a very short while. Luckily each board after the first is different and provides additional challenges and replayability.

The 2nd board has numbers printed within some of the dots. Your objective here is to cover all of the dots without numbers while leaving the dots with numbers exposed, gaining points equal to those numbers.

The 3rd board is similar to the 2nd but it adds black dots which take away 5 points for each one of them left exposed.

The last board has 5 pairs of matching symbols. Your goal here is to leave both of the matching symbols exposed to gain 3 points per pair. Having one of the symbols covered while the other is exposed loses you 3 points.

Although I am a fan of FITS, this game might not “fit” (heheh) everyones play style. For one thing, there is technically zero player interaction. Each of the players could be in seperate rooms and the game would essentially play the same, since you are building your boards on your own.

However, I find that with the group I play with, there is a constant banter and chatter among us during the game as the cards showing the next piece to be placed are flipped over. I’ll be saying something like “Come on, come on…don’t be that one shaped like a plus sign… that will totally screw up my board” And of course that ends up being the card to the laughter of everyone else around the table at my expense. Hmmm…maybe I need a new group?

Anyway, FITS is fun, quick and extremely easy to learn. You can be up and playing within 5 minutes of opening the box. With the availability of several expansions adding additional boards, the game can be as expandable as you want to make it.


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