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Dungeon Roll

56 out of 85 gamers thought this was helpful

My brother picked this up from the Kickstarter and we were both pretty excited to try it out. We are always looking for quick-playing games that work well for two players.

I will start off with saying that the components for this game are fantastic. Everything looks great and it all fits into a nice little treasure chest (that is actually used during the game). The dice themselves are wonderfully produced and they feel nice when rolling. Also, the art and graphic design are all well done.

As for the gameplay, I have to say that I was pretty let down with this game. We only played with two players, and even then the down time for the other player was noticble. I couldn’t even imagine playing this game with more than two people. During a player’s turn, he basically has one choice; does he want to stop or keep going. Sure the game plays quickly and it’s a light game, but it just felt like you never really had to make a tough choice.

I’m sure some people will enjoy this game, but it really missed the mark for me. If you are looking for a light game that probably plays well for young children, you should definitely try it out.

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13 out of 24 gamers thought this was helpful

Summoner Wars is a fantastic simple head-to-head battle game. This starter set is a great way for someone to get into the game due to it’s lower price than the master set. While the master set does include many more factions, and an actual board, this set is a good way for someone who is on the fence and wants to try it out first.

This set includes two factions and a paper mat in place of the board, along with the tokens and dice needed for the game. The game is very easy to learn and players will be battling it out in no time.

Along with the Master Set that players can pick up once they are hooked on the game, there are many individual faction packs that include a full deck of cards to play that faction. These faction packs are cheap and they add a lot to the game.

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Mice and Mystics

90 out of 132 gamers thought this was helpful

I grew up on games like HeroQuest, and this game really hit the spot for me. While the mechanics for combat are fairly simple, the story is where this game really shines. I usually play this game with my brother and our wives, and we all really enjoy it. We all have roleplaying backgrounds and we enjoy how all of the characters have their own back stories.

I would recommend this game to anyone interested in combining roleplaying games and board games into one experience. It works well if you’re looking to scratch that itch. Also, great for the young ones!

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