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Go to the Firefly: The Game page

Firefly: The Game

64 out of 107 gamers thought this was helpful

Firefly: The Game is rich with theme and very easy to learn. At its core of game play the mechanics are smooth and simplistic to grasp. As a player you will take an action and move but not necessarily in that order. There are a few objective cards that come with the game and in the beginning one is randomly chosen to be the end game goal. Once you know what the end game is, you setup and commence play. The game itself has a press your luck aspect while it is enveloped by a point to point travel strategy. I give this one a big thumbs up or a 4 out 5 and it is a game meant for all levels experience. I would say it will scratch the itch for gamers that are fans of the Firefly series. Game-on in the verse!

Go to the Mice and Mystics page

Mice and Mystics

86 out of 127 gamers thought this was helpful

The replay value is limited to its story arc. However, if you have kids you would get a lot of fun play out of this. The current story arc replay limitations may improve in the future as I know Plaid Hat Games has been developing new adventure stories to go along with M&M. Currently they have a new adventure chapter for download on their website, and its only 99¢ to do so. I also know they are working on an expansion for the game coming to a shelf near you soon.

The game itself is very thematic; you have cheese slices to measure time, you use devices like forks, spoons, acorn shields, and toothpicks to assist adventuring through the game. The components are well done, and if you are minis painter, the minis in this game are a blast to paint.

The game is easy to learn, but the rule book seems a bit disheveled. At times you may want to find a specific rule and it doesn’t come easy to find. This is the only strike I have against this game.

Overall, a marvelous game to play, and a must own for a collector!

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