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Embark on an epic quest to build your mythical nation into the greatest empire known to mankind. Capture land, defeat monsters, and discover new technologies on the rise to greatness.

Hyperborea uses an all-new “bag-building” mechanic that simulates the depth of a civilization game in a much shorter play time. Your bag will contain the cubes you need to develop your nation from a fledgling upstart to a mighty civilization.

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“Strategic? Hell yeah! Difficult? No man, really simple and still much fun!!!”

Hey there,
Hyperborea is a really nice strategy game, without having to roll any dice for anything. Yep, amazing!
At first I didn’t know if the game will be worth the time and Money. Now I’m glad that I bought it. The Rules are easy to learn and the turns go really fast if you understand the rules. So playing with new player won’t be a big problem. Everybody can win the game.
What makes Hyperboera so amazing? Instead of having lots of dice to determine who will win the game, Hyperborea uses a kind of resourced based system to determine your moves and ways to Victory.
So I wont tell you whats the game about in terms of Story it’s about winning , but give you a little review on gamemechanics.

Each player choses or gets random one of the 6 factions. Every faction has its own special starttile and can choose 1 of 2 special faction abilities. Than the map is build up of hexagon tiles. You put one random tile of the golden tiles as middle tile for the game. Than yoou build 1 ring around it and place than the startingtiles according to the rules around the ring of hextiles. On the tiles are cities and ruins. In ruins you find tokens which give you spiecial actions. Cities can produce actions if a players unit is placed in it at the beginning of a players turn.
At the beginning of the Game everybody starts with the same amount of resources. Resources in Hyperborea are basicly represented in little colered wooden cubes. Everybody puts these little cubes in a bag, so you can’t see wich resources are availible in your next turn. You play the game in Rounds. Each round consisting of the amount of turn equal to the amount of players. At the beginning of each roound everybody draws 3 cubes
(with some technologys developed during the game this number can be raised) from there bag an lays them on there game board. Now beginning with the starting player everybody can make his turn and uses his resources to perform some actions. Depending on the resources availible in a round you can choose between 12 actions, like move a unit, build another unit, make an attack, research etc. Not uncommen in this game is that you draw 3 resources and can’t complete any action, but you can begin investing in an action. So at your next turn it can be possible to camplete more actions than usually possible with three resources.
How do you get recourses? Everytime a players bag is empty at a start of the round, he takes back all his recourses in his bag,also those of not completed actions and adding the new resources made avalible through development.How do you getmore? By developing your faction. Developing your faction is an action and costs as everything resources.

The game ends if one or more of the following conditions is fullfilled:
1. A player has build all his units
2. A player researched 5 Technologies
3. A player has mined 13 Kristalls

If that happens everyone who hasn’t made his turn in that round may do this now than the counting starts.

You win the game if you made the most winningpoints.
– For each section controlled of your faction you get 1 point +1 extra point for the hex further to the centertile the center is worth 3 points.
– Every researched technology gives you the amount of winningpoint statet on the technologycard.
– If you defeat an opponent you get take the figure of that opponent on your graveyard. You only can get 1 figure of every opponent on your graveyard. Every figure counts a 1 winningpoint. If you have a figure of every opponent. Than every unit you kill after the complpetion of your graveyard gives you 1 extra winningpoint.
– Killing Ghosts. You take ghosts also into your graveyard at the and of the game you count the amount of ghosts. 1=1 2=3 3=6 every ghost above 6 counts as 1 extra point.
– count your mined Kristalls.

I really love this game, really really much, because its strategic as **** and doesn’t need that much time like other strategic boardgames. Because of the randomnes of the gameboard, its raplayability is very high and because factions have different focuses on how to win the game, the game really doesn’t get boring very fast!
One extra of the game is that it is complete as it is. there are no expansions for it, and i dont think there will be one in the futur It’s really a complete game!!!

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“Deceptively simply yet impressively deep, and loads of fun!”

At first glance, Hyperborea can appear rather daunting, with its multitude of miniatures, colored cubes, personal faction board/tracker, and modular hex tile board setup. Add in the fact that there is no printed words on any of it (everything is represented in universal pictograms) and many new players might feel slightly overwhelmed. HOWEVER, gameplay is fairly simple and straightforward. Build a bag of colored cubes to draw from and assign those cubes to actions on your personal board. How you proceed from there is up to you. There are multiple factors to scoring (like 7 Wonders or Agricola) and a multitude of paths to victory, from exploiting the map, acquiring technologies, or even dominating your opponents. Hyperborea is a new favorite, both tactically fulfilling and yet elegantly simple.


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