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Defenders of the Realm: Hero Expansion #2 - Board Game Box Shot

Defenders of the Realm: Hero Expansion #2

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4 New Heroes with matching character cards, and 6 new Global Effects cards to add to the Darkness Spreads deck - creating more challenges for the players to face.

Defenders of the Realm

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“A great expansion making a great game even better!”

In the 2nd hero expansion set, there are 4 new heroes, and a bunch of global effect cards.

The 4 new heroes are: The elf lord, the monk, the druid, and the healer. This expansion contains some of the most thematic characters in this game.

The Elf lord, is a very powerful character. He has a re-roll token that enables the player to re-roll any failed die once per turn. And he can also throw one additional die upon his first attack. Finally, he has another handy ability where it doesn’t cost him action tokens to move into a green location as long as his action tokens are not fully spent. This means, in the north east area of the board where there are lots of green locations (the area where the dragon and the orc general are), the elf lord is an absolute killing machine as he can travel to many locations and killing many minions in his turn.

The Monk, is my favorite character in this expansion. She starts the game with 2 quests, this means she has a higher chance of getting good items very quickly. She also has some very interesting offensive ability, if a combat, if she throws a natural 6, it counts as 2 hits (although it does’t work against dragonkins). And when she takes damage (from loosing a battle against a general or minions), she can throw die and take use any die that are great than 5 to parry the damage taken.

The druid, is a very thematic character. He sounds pretty weak in description, but he is actually very powerful in the game. His main abilities are mainly tied to green locations on the board. But he has a special ability that allows him to attack minions anywhere on the map in green locations at -1 to die rolls. This means if Druid is in play, it is very easy to prevent orc minions from spreading across the map.

Finally the healer, she can provide healing to other players, but I do not find her to be particularly useful except in general combat. The healer can ignore the general’s special abilities (except the dragon general). This a very neat skill to have in battles against generals.

Overall, this expansion has some very good characters, and it is a worthy addition to Defenders of the Realm board game.

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“More Character Goodness”

This set adds 4 new characters and another pack of randomized event cards. While these may not be the strongest set of characters in terms of fighting, but their overall support of the party makes them vital additions especially if you play some of the later scenarios created for the game and published online by the game creator. This is an expansion and is only useable if you have the base game. Here are the characters: DRUID- He gets to roll 2 dice and on a 5+ removes a taint crystal from a location he is at without needing to use a Hero card. Additionally, if he is on a green location he can attack minions on any other lgreen location on the board at a -1 to his dice rolls. Finally, if he ends his turn on a green location he can heal himself of 1 wound and takes no minion or fear damage. ELF LORD- He is always 1st in the game. He has a re-roll token which he may use once per turn to reroll 1 failed die roll. If he does not use it he may give it to another player to use on their turn. Additionally, he can move to an adjacent green location for free once per turn as long as he still has an action token available for use. Finally, on his first attack against minions at a location he gets to roll one extra die, but must choose a specific color before rolling. More importantly, this ability works against Generals. HEALER-First, for 1 action she can heal up to 3 wounds of any heroes, including herself, at
her location. Furthermore if she ends her turn at a location with other heroes they heal 1 wound automatically. Additionally, she may spend 1 action at a tainted location and roll 1 die for each minion located there. Each roll of 5+ removes a crystal without using a hero card. Finally, she ignores a General’s combat skills. This has been explained in an addendum sheet to include Varkolak’s ability. What this means is she gets rerolls during combat and may play battleluicks that she has on other players or have other players play their battle luck cards on her. MONK- This character starts with 2 quests and always has 2 quests. Additionally, all natural 6s count as 2 hits except against Dragonkin. Finally, when she would take any wounds from minions or Generals(except fear) she rolls a die for each wound and on a 5+ does not take the wound. As I said earlier they are not strong overall fighters, but their special abilities can have a major impact on whether or not the party wins the game.


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