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Mage Wars: Forcemaster vs. Warlord - Board Game Box Shot

Mage Wars: Forcemaster vs. Warlord

| Published: 2013
Expansion for Mage Wars: Core Set
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Expand your game of Mage Wars with two additional mages!
Play as the enigmatic Forcemaster, a master of telekinetic force and mind magic. The Forcemaster can push enemies aside with a glance, or hold and crush them with invisible force. She manipulates the minds of enemy forces, rendering their creature’s harmless or turning them against their master!

Or play as the fearsome Warlord, a commander of troops and a master of battle tactics. His ranks are augmented by massive war machines, fearless legendary heroes, and a colossal Earth Elemental! He calls upon the power of Akiro, God of War to give his soldiers favor in battle.

Also included in this expansion are two additional spellbooks!

Mage Wars: Forcemaster vs Warlord cards and tokens
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“mage wars at its best”

i write thif for whom has already appreciated magewars as a game wel the great thing of expansions is that they increase exponentialy the replaiability value of this game u can forge youre own strategy and mecchanics feel alwais natural and never EVER odd.
in this expansion we have force master wich could ressemble to a jedi , yes a super cool *** kicking jedi with his own force blade sche pusches and pulls things trough the arena.
the other mage is the warlord who focuses on building barracs sledge hammers and summoning hords of goblins and supporting them with his spells and commands


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